Caltrans Awards Millions for Local Roadway Safety Projects


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SACRAMENTO — Caltrans awarded more than $227 million today to fund safety projects designed to reduce traffic deaths and serious injuries on city and county roads. Funding is provided through the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP).

"Safety is always our number one priority. These projects will enhance systemwide safety features, including expanded access to protected walkways and bikeways, and will move us closer to our goal of reducing serious injuries and fatalities on California roadways."

Toks Omishakin, Caltrans Director

Projects approved today include:

City and county road projects approved in Caltrans District 1 include:

  • Eureka – Reduces H and I Streets from three to two lanes and adds buffered bike lanes as well as pedestrian upgrades to nonsignalized intersections such as curb extensions and flashing beacons. Also, additional safety improvements such as signal re-timing and dynamic speed warning signs. 
  • Eureka – Pedestrian crossing improvements at 18 non-signalized intersections throughout the 6th and 7th Street corridors within the City of Eureka, including crosswalk markings, curb extensions and pedestrian crossing signage. 
  • Humboldt County – In McKinleyville, installs pedestrian rapid flashing beacons at the Hammond Trail crossing of Hiller Road and at mid-town trail crossing of Washington Avenue at Oakdale Drive, and two rectangular rapid flashing beacons with pedestrian refuges on Redwood Drive. 
  • Lakeport – Implements a street sign replacement program and replaces 547 signs in the city including warning, regulatory, guide and city-specific signs. 
  • Trinidad – Installs flashing beacons, curb and driveway extensions, ADA curb ramps, yield lines, traffic signs, striping and pavement markings on Main Street at View Avenue and on Edwards Street at the Intersections of Hector Street and Galindo Street. 
  • Trinidad – Upgrades and replaces existing guardrail systems and end treatments on Scenic Drive south of Langford Road and on Patrick’s Point Drive north of Ocean Avenue. 
  • Trinidad – Installs edge lines and improves striping on Trinidad Frontage Road from N. Westhaven Drive, on Stagecoach Road from the city limit to Main Street and on Westhaven Drive from the city limit to Trinidad Frontage Road.
“In addition to the upgrades Caltrans is making along state highways, I’m pleased that our district was able to identify and provide funding for local projects to bring safety improvements for communities in Humboldt and Lake Counties."

 Matt Brady, District 1 Director

Projects approved today in Shasta County include:

  • The Systemic Left Turn Protection Project in Redding (Provides left turn lanes and protected left turns where none exist at selected intersections. Also includes striping between intersections.)
  • The Systemic Intersection Safety Lighting Project in Redding (Installation of new intersection safety lighting where none exist and upgrade existing lighting systems at selected intersections without signals)
  • The State Route 151 Pedestrian Crossing Enhancement Project in Shasta Lake (Installation of pedestrian activated rectangular flashing beacons and other associated crosswalk enhancements)

“The department is very excited for these newly approved safety projects in Redding and Shasta Lake. Anytime you invest in innovative city safety projects, you're implementing really impactful multimodal transit solutions for our traveling public.”

Dave Moore, Director 2 Director 

Among the projects funded in District 3, which encompasses 11 Northern California counties, were:

  • $8.8 million for traffic signal safety improvements at 76 intersections in the city of Elk Grove
  • $4.5 million for surface-treatment enhancements, guardrail replacement and intersection safety improvements at multiple locations in El Dorado County
  • $3.1 million for intersection safety improvements at multiple locations in the city of Yuba City
  • $2.7 million for surface-treatment enhancements at multiple locations in Nevada County
  • $2.5 million for surface-treatment enhancements, guardrail replacement and signal visibility improvements at multiple locations in Placer County.
  • $2.2 million for signal and intersection safety improvements at multiple locations in the city of Folsom
  • $1.8 million for guardrail replacement and signal improvements at multiple locations in Sacramento County.

“Caltrans is committed to working with our local partner agencies to provide an integrated transportation system that increases safety and reduces the risk of collisions. “Funding for these projects is another important step in making all California roadways safer.”   

Amarjeet S. Benipal, District 3 Director

Projects approved on March 25 at various locations within the nine Bay Area counties (District 4) include:  

  • Signal Equipment, Timing, & Striping Upgrades at 4 Intersections to Improve Pedestrian Safety (Alameda County)
  • Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements at 4 Locations (Contra Costa County)
  • Various Locations (3) for Pedestrian Upgrade (Marin County)
  • East Blithdale Avenue Pedestrian Improvements (Marin County)
  • North Pacifica Pedestrian Improvements Project (San Mateo County)
  • Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project (San Mateo County)
  • Pedestrian Crossing Improvements at 4 Locations (Solano County)
  • Brooks Road South/Natalie Drive Pedestrian Crossing Improvements (Sonoma County)

"The Bay Area is proud to provide over 40 pedestrian, bike, transit, and bridge safety improvement projects over the next few years. Many of these projects will include constructing new pedestrian and bicycle roadways that enhance pedestrian safety overall. It is the goal of Caltrans District 4, Bay Area, to make transportation accessible for all Californians regardless of the mode of transportation used." 

Dina El-Tawansy, District 4 Director

Projects approved today in Caltrans District 5 include:

  • Systemwide Traffic Signal Upgrades in the City of Goleta.
  • Citywide Signal Safety Upgrades at intersections throughout the City of Santa Cruz.
  • Replacement of existing damaged and destroyed guardrails at 22 County road locations in San Benito County.
  • Construction of a Roundabout in Prunedale on San Miguel Canyon Road operated by the County of Monterey.
  • Installation of Metal Beam Guard Rails and replacement of existing signage on four roadways in San Luis Obispo County in the Old Creek and Chimney Rock Road area.
  • Citywide Pedestrian Crossing Enhancement Projects in the Cities of Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles, and Soledad.

“These awards, to some 20 local projects, encompass data-driven, strategic approaches to reducing traffic fatalities and serious injuries on public roads in the district. They also highlight the seamless commitment to safety shared between our local partners and the state.”

Tim Gubbins, District 5 Director

Projects approved today in Caltrans District 6 include:

  • Kern County: $1.3 million will upgrade striping of centerlines/edgelines, left and right turns, and lane drops. Improve safety of the curve on Wheeler Ridge Road with chevron signs. Add new raised pavement markers on all roads as well as 226 miles of striping.
  • Porterville: $579K will replace existing traffic signal, add a protected left turn phasing for all intersection legs, provide accessible curb ramps at all corners and add or modify signs at the Olive Avenue and Porter Road/Cloverleaf Street intersection. 
  • Kern County: $375K will improve the safety of several multi-lane roads county-wide by upgrading approximately 27 miles of bike lane striping over 22 miles of roadway.
  • Lemoore: $250K will install a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) and pedestrian crossing at an uncontrolled location with enhanced safety feature at the intersection of Bush Street and Champion Street.
  • McFarland: $250K will install warning signs and upgrade markings to high-visibility, install curb ramps where missing and add enhanced safety features at several uncontrolled crosswalks around the City of McFarland.

“We are pleased to see nearly $14 million in funding be awarded to our local partners here in the Central Valley. This is another step in our joint commitment to multi-modal methods of transportation and improves the overall safety for all users of California’s transportation system.”

Diana Gomez, District 6 Director

Projects approved today in Caltrans District 7 include:

  • Tweedy Blvd. Crosswalk Upgrades in the city of South Gate - Upgrade four uncontrolled crosswalks with enhanced crosswalk features including in-roadway warning lights, high-visibility signing and striping, and ADA curb ramps.
  • Ramona Elementary School Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements in the city of Oxnard - Install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs), curb extensions, high-visibility crosswalks, pedestrian signage and advance pavement markings at four intersections near the school.
  • High-Visibility Crosswalk Standardization Project in the city of Lancaster - Upgrade existing crosswalks to high-visibility, continental-style crosswalks at 53 signalized intersections.
  • Advanced Dilemma Zone Detection at 12 Intersections in the city of Lakewood - Provide advanced dilemma zone detection systems at 12 intersections, and upgrade signal hardware at 10 intersections to reduce red-light running and traffic collisions.
  • Signalized Intersection Improvement Project in Ventura County - Install retroreflective bordered backplates to all signal heads, install advance dilemma zone detection, and add high-friction surface treatment to all Ventura County-maintained intersections with an approach speed over 35 MPH.

“A total of 48 safety improvement projects were funded in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Whether you walk, bike, use transit, or drive to work, this significant investment shows our commitment to providing Californians a safer transportation system throughout our local communities.”

Tony Tavares, District 7 Director

Projects approved today in Riverside and San Bernardino counties include: 

Banning (SCAG) Omar/Ramsey Intersection Improvements and Sidewalk: Install sidewalk, curb and gutter, curb ramps, signage, and striping, modify existing median to limit left turns from eastbound Ramsey Street only, install left-turn pocket, and improve sight distance. Install sidewalk, curb and gutter, curb ramps, signage, and striping, modify existing median to limit left turns from eastbound Ramsey Street only, install left-turn pocket, and improve sight distance ($418,500). 


Banning (SCAG) Banning Ramsey Street Pedestrian Safety Improvements: Four non-signalized intersections on Ramsey Street at Martin Street, 2nd Street, 6th Street, and 16th Street. Install/upgrade pedestrian crossings at uncontrolled locations; install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) ($282,900). 
Cathedral City (SCAG) HAWK Signal at Ramon Road and Avenida La Paloma: Intersection of Ramon Road and Avenida La Paloma. Install a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (HAWK) signal 


Chino Hills (SCAG) Backplate Signal Improvement Project: Chino Hills Parkway at Walnut Creek and at Eucalyptus Ave; Peyton at Rock Springs Drive and Beverly Glen Drive; Soquel Canyon at Butterfield Ranch Road, Pomona Rincon Ave, and Pinehurst Drive; Butterfield Ranch Road at Pine Ave and at Brookwood Lane. Improve traffic signals with backplates that include retroreflective borders ($122,800). 


Colton (SCAG) Guardrail Replacement and Improvement Project: Various locations citywide including Mt. Vernon Ave., La Cadena Dr. and Barton Rd. Replace damaged guardrails and improve existing guardrails ($110,200). 
Eastvale (SCAG) Traffic Signal Dilemma Zone Detection and Mitigation - 16 Intersections: 16 signalized intersections along major corridors: Limonite Ave, Schleisman Rd, Hamner Ave and Archibald Ave. Install advanced dilemma zone detection system and associated equipment in existing traffic signal cabinets, and modify signal timing to improve safety (702,300). 


Eastvale (SCAG) Citywide Retroflective Backplates on Traffic Signal Indicators: 39 signalized intersections along major corridors: Limonite Ave, Schleisman Rd, Hamner Ave, and Archibald Ave. Install retroreflective borders along the backplates of traffic signal indicators ($421,600). 
Hemet (Rural) Citywide Traffic Signal Visibility Upgrades: Forty (40) signalized intersections throughout the City. Replace the signal head backplates with backplates with retroreflective borders ($299,300). 
Highland (SCAG) Installation of pedestrian countdown heads: 26 intersections within the City of Highland. Install pedestrian countdown signal heads ($250,000). 
Jurupa Valley (SCAG) Install pedestrian countdown signal heads: Eighty-nine (89) signalized intersections throughout the City. Install a signal master controller with fiber interconnectivity or via radio; and install retroreflective signal head backplates ($4,707,600) 
Montclair (SCAG) Ramona Avenue/Howard Street Roundabout: The intersection of Ramona Avenue and Howard Street. Construct roundabout and refuge island; install high visibility crosswalks and curb ramps; and add/upgrade lighting ($771,100). 
Murrieta (SCAG) Citywide Traffic Signal Adaptive Timing Program: Various locations citywide. Install adaptive timing program at all City signalized intersections, including new traffic signal controllers and loops, as well as the required software and hardware at City Hall Traffic Management Center ($854,700). 


Palm Desert (SCAG) City of Palm Desert Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements: Various locations throughout the City. Enhance the visibility of crosswalks ($247,200). 


Palm Desert (SCAG) Palm Desert Systemic Signal Safety Improvements: Signalized intersections throughout the City. Install retroreflective backplates and replace pedestrian signal heads with pedestrian countdown signals ($1,912,600). 
Perris (SCAG) Traffic signal and road safety improvements along priority corridors: Ramona Expwy from Webster Ave to E Rider St; Nuevo Rd from Frontage Rd. to Dunlap Dr; W 4th St from Navajo Rd to Redlands Ave; Ethanac Rd from Murrieta Rd to Case Rd. Improve signalized intersection safety with retroreflective backplates, advanced dilemma zone detection, and radar speed signage along segments of priority corridors ($1,389,900). 


Perris (SCAG) Ramona Expressway Crosswalk Improvements: Ramona Expressway from N. Webster Ave to Rider St. Install enhanced crosswalks along a priority corridor to improve safety of pedestrian and bicyclists ($292,000). 
Rancho Cucamonga (SCAG) Citywide Traffic Signal Safety Improvements: Banyan St/East Ave, Base line Rd/Mountain View Dr S, Millennium Ct/Milliken Ave, Vintage Dr/Milliken Ave, Church St/Milliken Ave, Terra Vista Pkwy West/Church St, and Base Line Rd/Beryl St. Upgrade seven (7) signalized intersections by replacing 34 five section signal heads (doghouse) with four section flashing yellow arrow (FYA) signal heads for protected/permissive left-turn controls and improving signal timing ($325,200). 
Redlands (SCAG) Wabash Avenue and Highland Avenue Enhanced Crosswalk: The intersection of Wabash Avenue with Highland Avenue. Install pedestrian crossing with Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) ($250,000). 
Riverside County (SCAG) Cajalco Road & Lake Mathews Drive Guardrail Upgrade: Cajalco Road between La Sierra Avenue and Kirkpatrick Road and between Harley John Road and Wood Rood; and Lake Mathews Drive between Capello Drive and Malta Place. Upgrade existing guardrail / end treatments to meet current Caltrans standards (($1,045,200). 
San Jacinto (SCAG) San Jacinto Avenue Safety Improvements - Menlo Avenue to Commonwealth Avenue: San Jacinto Ave. (formerly SR79) between Menlo Avenue and Commonwealth Ave. Install Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) with enhanced pedestrian refuge island mid-block; install sidewalk on west and east side of San Jacinto from Commonwealth to Menlo; install roadway lighting; and install additional signage ($677,100). 


Twentynine Palms (SCAG) Safety Improvement for High Crash Unsignalized Intersections: Six intersections along the arterial streets of Two-Mile Road, Amboy Road and Utah Trail. Install flashing beacons at stop-controlled intersections and upgrade intersection pavement markings ($426,600). 


Victorville (SCAG) Improve the safety of motorized and non-motorized users along this 2.2-mile corridor: Seventh Street between Sage Street and C Street. Implement a variety of safety improvements to existing signalized intersections, such as adding mast arms, lighting, enhancing video detection and upgrading PBS system ($680,500). 


Victorville (SCAG) Install Traffic Signal: Intersection of Village Dr and Tawney Ridge Ln. Upgrade the intersection from 2-way STOP control to actuated Traffic Signal ($569,000). 
Wildomar (SCAG) New Traffic Signal at One Intersection: Intersection of Bundy Canyon Road and Harvest Way (three-leg intersection). Install new traffic signal ($272,900). 


Wildomar (SCAG) Signalized intersection improvements in Wildomar at four locations: Four signalized intersections: Bundy Canyon Road & Orange Street, Corydon Road & Mission Trail, Gruwell Street & Palomar Street, and Corydon Road & Grand Avenue. Replace existing vehicle heads with LED vehicle heads with retro-reflective backing plates, provide advanced dilemma zone detection, and add a protected left-turn phase at two intersections ($375,200). 


Yucaipa (SCAG) Yucaipa Traffic Signal Left Turn Phasing Modification: Various Intersections in Yucaipa: Yucaipa Blvd/5th St, Avenue E/Oak Glen Road, Yucaipa Blvd/10th St, and Oak Glen Road/Chapman Heights Road. Convert left-turn movements to protected left-turns ($350,400). 


“Caltrans provides funding for important highway safety projects to communities in which we work. Our partnership with these local agencies makes a lasting and positive contribution for their residents, businesses, and all highway users.” 

Michael Beauchamp, District 8 Director

Projects approved today in eastern Kern, Mono and Inyo counties include:

  • Ridgecrest – Upgrade uncontrolled crosswalks and signalized intersections with enhanced crosswalk features, including Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs), adaptive signal upgrades, and high-visibility signing and striping
  • California City– Install speed radar, high-visibility crosswalks markings, crosswalk flashing beacons, sidewalk repairs with ADA ramps, flashing LED stop sign, restriping, and signage
  • Tehachapi – Install enhanced striping projects
  • Inyo County – Upgrade guardrail in Onion Valley
  • Mono County – Upgrade signs, striping, and guardrail
  • Mammoth Lakes – Install RRFBs along SR 203 at various locations

“I’m pleased that our district was able to identify and provide funding for local projects to bring safety improvements to several communities throughout eastern Kern, Mono and Inyo counties”

Ryan Dermody, District 9 Director

Projects approved today in Caltrans District 10 include:

  • San Joaquin Council of Governments (SJCOG) was awarded $107,300 toward a project that will install rectangular rapid-flashing beacons (RRFB) and a refuge island to facilitate pedestrian crossing safety located on Benjamin Holt Drive at Leesburg Place, and 400 feet west of Leesburg Place (near the Church/School of the Presentation.)
  • Stanislaus Council of Governments (StanCOG) was awarded $1.2 million toward a project that will install Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon, high visibility crosswalk and ADA ramps to facilitate pedestrian crossing safety located on Oakdale Road from Lancey Drive to Celeste Drive as part of the Oakdale Road: Phase 1 project.
  • Stanislaus Council of Governments (StanCOG) was awarded $965,800 toward a project that will install pedestrian refuge island with directional median openings and high visibility crosswalks with pedestrian signage ramps to facilitate pedestrian crossing safety located at the intersections of Standiford Avenue and Longbridge Drive and Sylvan Avenue and Bridgeford Lane.

“Caltrans District 10 is committed to working with our local partners and improving California’s transportation infrastructure by creating safer, more reliable travel options. Working with our local partners allows the department to continue our critical repairs and upgrades to local roads, bridges, transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities.” 

Dennis T. Agar, District 10 Director 

Projects approved today in San Diego and Imperial County include:

To the Imperial County Transportation Commission:

  • $158,000 for Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) in Imperial County near schools on Correll Road between Dogwood Drive and Heber Avenue.

To the San Diego Association of Governments:

  • $467,900 to install pedestrian enhancements at existing crosswalks in Carlsbad. The improvements include curb extensions, pedestrian-activated in roadway warning lights, green bicycle lanes and ADA curb ramps along Carlsbad Boulevard at Oak Avenue, Sycamore Avenue, Maple Avenue, Cherry Avenue, and Hemlock Avenue.
  • $187,700 for pedestrian enhancements at an existing mid-block crosswalk in Carlsbad. Including curb extensions, pedestrian-activated in roadway warning lights, green bicycle lanes and ADA curb ramps on Carlsbad Boulevard between Mountain View Drive and Cypress Avenue.
  • $227,500 to upgrade existing guardrail on easterly frontage of North Second Avenue between C Street and Bayview Way in Chula Vista.
  • $2.23 million for high visibility pedestrian crossings at signalized intersections, a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon, and raised medians along the corridor. Washington Avenue between Avocado Ave and Mollison Avenue in El Cajon
  • $245,900 for Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) and High Visibility Crosswalks at 11 unsignalized pedestrian crossings across El Cajon.
  • $722,100 to install separated bike lanes on 101 Coast Highway from Swami's Pedestrian Crossing to Chesterfield Drive in Encinita
  • $787,700 for a new sidewalk and retaining wall on Coast Highway 101 from South Cardiff State Beach Parking Lot to City Limits in Encinitas.
  • $1.23 million to install Leading Pedestrian (LPI), traffic signal system upgrades for LPI operations, and high visibility crosswalk striping at 48 intersections throughout the City of Encinitas.
  • $2.32 million to install traffic signal interconnect system (conduit, monitoring devices, controllers, software and related communications equipment) in Escondido to allow for improved safety operations and optimized signal coordination along sixteen coordinated signal groups.
  • $499,300 to upgrade existing guardrails and end treatments at various existing guardrail locations throughout the City of La Mesa.
  • $150,000 to install edgeline striping at Various roadways throughout the City of La Mesa.
  • $250,000 for visibility pedestrian striping, curb extensions, pedestrian refuge islands, ADA curb ramps, pedestrian push button poles, and pedestrian lighting at Intersections of 16th Street & E Avenue and Plaza Boulevard/ Paradise Valley Road and 8th Street in National City.
  • $427,500 for pedestrian countdown signal heads, advance stop bar before crosswalk (Bicycle Box), and modify signal phasing to implement a Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI) at Signalized Intersections at Harbison Avenue/East Plaza Boulevard, Harbison Avenue/E 8th St, East Plaza Boulevard/Highland Avenue, Highland Avenue/East 8th Street, Highland Avenue/East 21st Street, Highland Avenue/East 18th Street, National City Boulevard/East 8th Street and Highland Avenue/East 30th Street in National City.
  • $604,100 for advanced dilemma zone detection, implement leading pedestrian interval (LPI), create directional median openings, and install/upgrade intersection regulatory signs at various locations along Poway Road between Oak Knoll Road and Garden Road in Poway.
  • $724,000 to upgrade existing traffic signal backplates to retroreflective backplates at 120 intersections throughout the City of San Marcos.
  • $675,700 for pedestrian countdown signal heads, pushbuttons, curb ramps, and continental crosswalks at Jamacha Road/Elkelton Boulevard; South Mission Road/Alvarado Street; South Mission Road/Clemmens Lane; and Sweetwater Road/Troy Street in San Diego County.
  • $833,700 to upgrade metal beam guardrail and end-treatment. At various locations along Sunrise Highway and West Lilac Road in Unincorporated San Diego County.
  • $196,700 for 6-inch edgelines on West Lilac Road between Lilac Road and Camino del Rey and on Wildcat Canyon Road between San Vicente Road and Willow Road in unincorporated San Diego County.
  • $249,600 to San Diego County for pedestrian countdown signal heads at 17 intersections in unincorporated San Diego County.

“We want everyone to get home safely. Whether you drive, bike or walk, everyone needs to be safe when traveling on our region’s transportation network including city and county streets.” 

Gustavo Dallarda, District 11 Director

Projects approved in Orange County include:

  • $700,000 project to install protected/protected-permissive left turn phasing that will be installed in the City of Anaheim at three intersections: Walnut Street at Ball Road, Anaheim Boulevard at Santa Ana Street, and Acacia Street/Anna Drive at La Palma Avenue.
  • $1.2 million project to install protected left-turn phasing that will be installed in the City of Anaheim at four intersections: Western Avenue at Ball Road, Western Avenue at Orange Avenue, Dale Avenue at Orange Avenue, and Manchester Avenue at Broadway.
  • Almost $300,000 project for pedestrian crossing enhancements at crosswalks in seven locations throughout the City of Irvine by adding rectangular, rapid-flashing beacons.
  • $250,000 project to enhance the safety of pedestrians utilizing the crosswalks in the City of Mission Viejo at 24 intersections by installing audible pedestrian push button systems.
  • More than $300,000 project for signal modification for left turn phasing at the intersection of Bristol Street at Santa Ana Avenue in north and south directions in the City of Santa Ana. 

According to the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System, nearly 64 percent of traffic deaths in California occur on city or county roads, underscoring the significance of funding local safety improvements.

Caltrans selected a total of 266 projects statewide for funding for safety enhancements that include new traffic signals, roundabouts, turn lanes, rumble strips and guard rails. A number of projects focus on the following safety improvements at intersections:

  • Retroreflective bordered backplates: yellow strips around the perimeter of traffic signals that increase visibility in bright or dark conditions, including during a loss of power.
  • Timing changes to give pedestrian and bicyclists more time to cross at crosswalks before the light changes.
  • Rectangular rapid-flashing beacons with a push-button signal control to increase pedestrian visibility at crosswalks.

Visit the HSIP Approved Projects Lists page to view statewide project information in a single document.