Caltrans News Flash #200 - Caltrans’ Employees Receive Highest Honor for Public Servants


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SACRAMENTO — Five California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) employees who courageously helped save lives have been presented with the Governor’s State Employee Medal of Valor Award.

Caltrans Highway Maintenance Worker Benjamin Anderson, Highway Maintenance Leadworker Thomas Britt and Maintenance Supervisor Lonnie Swartout were presented the Silver Medal of Valor for their heroic acts during a very dangerous rescue in extreme cold down steep terrain. Anderson, Britt and Swartout saved a couple and their puppies after their vehicle went over a snow-covered embankment in Trinity County.

Caltrans Electrician II, Broderick Carmichael was presented with the Silver Medal of Valor. Carmichael saved his colleague’s life, when he risked his own life to push her out of the way of an out of control car in Hermosa Beach.

For the first time a recipient was presented two medals of valor for heroic acts done only weeks apart. Caltrans Tree Maintenance Supervisor, Michael Quinliven was presented a Silver Medal of Valor for his efforts to save two shooting victims, regardless of any potential danger to himself, he tried in earnest to offer aid.

Quinliven was also presented the Gold Medal of Valor for his sheer heroism during the Ranch fire. While working on State Route 20 in Mendocino County he led a tanker out of the fire as it jumped the highway. Quinliven went back to save a mother and her young children, whose car was being surrounded by fire.

Caltrans News Flash #200