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Director's Corner

Catching up at Caltrans: Economic development, awards, etc.

New mug shot

The hundreds of firms that we contract with every year provide us with essential services in fields such as construction, engineering, architecture and communications. As the second-largest state government agency in California, we recognize the outsized impact that the department can have on the businesses we work with – and by extension, the communities that those businesses serve.


Caltrans races to fix weather-wrecked Death Valley roads

Coso Wash in Death Valley National Park before repairs

There was a pervasive feeling of disbelief in the offices of District 9 on Aug. 5, 2022, as pictures and videos came in from maintenance staff monitoring State Route 190 in Death Valley National Park. The driest place in North America, known for its unforgiving temperatures and expansive salt-flats, was being inundated with water.There was a pervasive feeling of disbelief in the offices of District 9 on Aug. 5, 2022, as pictures and videos came in from maintenance staff monitoring State Route 190 in Death Valley National Park. The driest place in North America, known for its unforgiving temperatures and expansive salt-flats, was being inundated with water.

Roadway obstacles dispatched efficiently in North State

Renee Huett

No matter a major winter storm or wildfire, Caltrans District 1 dispatchers play an important role for maintenance workers when responding to incidents on state highways, providing necessary information for scene arrival and roadway opening for the safety of the traveling public. Located on the first floor at the district office in Eureka, the dispatch center employs seven full-time dispatchers, covering more than 2,400 miles of highways in the region.

District 7 triumphs in annual golf tournament

District 7 Golf Club accepts 1st Place team trophy. Left to right: Luis Abarca, Roy Fisher, Frank Anderson, Darryl Mays, John Yang, Ruben Decastro, Chris Fisher, Dan Leon, John Ordona

The 60th Annual Caltrans Invitational Golf Tournament was held in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 16 and 17. Five teams from Caltrans Golf Clubs from around the state participated in this event, competing for prizes, pride and bragging rights. District 7 earned top honors, rocketing past second place Headquarters on the second day of the two-day event to win by 19 strokes.

With culverts, there's an opening for maintenance

Leadworker John Frank guiding the jet rodder hose into the culvert. Placing his hands on the hose helps him know if the hose is hitting any kind of debris or getting snagged up on anything.

Culverts serve as vital passages, allowing water to flow safely underneath roadways, preventing flooding and erosion, and maintaining the structural integrity of the transportation system. However, like any man-made structure, culverts require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure their continued functionality and safety, and that task falls upon the shoulders of the Culvert Inspection Team and the Culvert Maintenance Crew.

Six tips for Californians to prevent water pollution

For the stormwater story

It’s a common misconception that rain washes dirt, bacteria and other pollutants from our communities, leaving them cleaner and safer. The reality is pollutants are washed by stormwater runoff from our yards, sidewalks, roadways and highways into storm drain systems and flow untreated to local waterways, inevitably polluting California’s lakes, rivers, streams and the ocean.

Safer-streets strategy a bit of a "balancing act"

Transportation Engineer Doug Saucedo answers questions about proposed alternatives for the Baduwa’t Spur of the Annie & Mary Trail near Blue Lake

One minute transportation engineer Steven Hopper was riding his bike on Market Street in San Francisco. The next thing he remembers is waking up in an ambulance with no memory of being struck. Hopper survived that collision in 2016 and is now one of the many District 1 staff tasked with making roadways more accessible to all users, including cyclists like himself, as part of the Complete Streets Branch.

News flash: Modernizing how Caltrans learns

For the news story about CTLearns

Project Delivery is excited to introduce CTLearns, a new Learning Management System (LMS) that will be a one-stop-shop for training. CTLearns combines the interactions within Staff Central LMS and the Project Delivery eLearning Center (PDeC)— one of our existing hosts for online, self-paced training.

Health and Safety

Understanding the link between movement and mental health

Movement has a profound impact on mental health. Engaging in physical activity is 1.5 times more effective at alleviating stress, anxiety and mild-to-moderate symptoms of depression than taking antidepressant medications. The connection between physical activity and mental health is deeply rooted in the intimate relationship between your mind and body.

Who's New

Andrew Baskerville, deputy district director for District 4 Construction

Andrew Baskerville

Andrew Baskerville is the new deputy district director for the District 4 Division of Construction. In this role, Andrew will be responsible for ensuring on-time and on-budget construction contract delivery of more than 200 active construction projects each fiscal year, currently valued at over $2 billion.

Allison Colburn, director’s speechwriter

Allison Colburn

Allison Colburn has joined Headquarters Public Affairs as the director’s speechwriter. Her responsibilities include researching and drafting talking points, speeches and scripts, preparing presentations, and communicating the policies and priorities of the director for both internal and external communications.

Domoniquie Eagen, executive liaison in Legislative Affairs

Domoniquie Eagan

Domoniquie Eagen has joined Caltrans in Headquarters as the executive liaison in the Division of Legislative Affairs. Prior to joining Caltrans, Domoniquie worked at the University of California, Davis Hospital in an administrative role, supporting several surgeons for seven years. She decided to explore career opportunities with Caltrans to further advance her administrative skills.

Mauro Weyant, senior transportation surveyor for District 6

Mauro Wyant

Mauro Weyant has accepted the position of senior transportation surveyor for Central Region (District 6) Services’ Fresno office. Mauro will oversee field surveying activities for Tulare and Kings counties. Mauro has logged more than 26 years with Caltrans. He has helped develop the feature code library used by all surveys for field data collection and help develop survey workflows for project delivery.  He is returning from Headquarters as the PDPD training coordinator and is looking forward to his new role as field surveys senior.

Wayne Wilson, Highway Safety Education Campaign manager

Wayne Wilson

Wayne Wilson has joined Headquarters Public Affairs as the Highway Safety Education Campaign manager. Wayne’s responsibilities include managing the contract, providing leadership and support educating the public on the campaign, and acting as a spokesperson.

Service Awards

A list of Caltrans employees who celebrated 25 or 40 years of service, or who received superior accomplishment awards, in March, April and May.


A list of Caltrans employees who retired in March, April and May.


Wade Boeck, retired civil engineer

Wade Boeck

Wade Boeck, passed away suddenly on March 29. Wade was a talented civil engineer with emphasis on highway structures and bridges. He went to work for Caltrans in Southern California after he graduated from Colorado State University and was instrumental in the emergency design of both temporary and permanent structures following the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989.

Wendel Davidson, District 7 Construction resident engineer

Wendel Davidson

Wendel Davidson, resident engineer for District 7’s Division of Construction, died earlier this year. Wendel started his career with Caltrans District 12 over 32 years ago and transferred to District 7 in 1999. He served as an assistant resident engineer starting in 1999 and recently accepted a resident engineer position.

Paul Gennaro, District 6 project manager

Paul Gennaro

Paul Gennaro passed away April 9. He worked for Caltrans for 33 years. He began his career as a designer in District 6. He also took assignments in environmental and of course, Project Management, in which he led as a project manager, and project management support unit chief.

Steve Gomez, retired Caltrans worker

Steve Gomez

Steve Gomez passed away peacefully at home with his loving family on Feb. 27, at the age of 66 in Redlands. Steve had a fulfilling career at the Southern California Gas Company and Caltrans. Steve was a dedicated individual who enjoyed karaoke, dancing, casino nights and traveling in his free time.

Jose Torres, retired bridge inspector

Jose Torres

Retired Caltrans bridge inspector Jose Torres, 66, passed away on Jan. 1 at his home in Rialto. Jose graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as a civil engineer in 1984. He was a practicing bridge inspector for more than 20 years. Jose worked for Caltrans most of those years and retired from there in 2012.

Statewide Workers' Memorial

Statewide Caltrans Workers' Memorial ceremony, April 25 in Sacramento

Since 1921, 193 Caltrans employees have been killed on the job. One of the biggest hazards faced by highway workers is motorists who are inattentive and distracted. Each year, Caltrans honors its fallen employees at the statewide Workers' Memorial on the west steps of the State Capitol. Family members, co-workers, friends, and the general public were invited to attend the memorial, which took place this year on April 25. The entire 87-minute event is available for viewing on YouTube.

District Workers' Memorials

District 1 Workers' Memorial ceremony, Eureka

In addition to the statewide Workers' Memorial ceremony on April 25 in downtown Sacramento, similar memorial events were conducted this spring in each of Caltrans' 12 districts. Shown here are scenes from several of those district Workers' Memorial ceremonies.

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