North Sherwin Shoulders Project

Project Information

The North Sherwin Shoulders Project is updating the design of U.S. Highway 395 from 2.4 miles south of Lower Rock Creek Road to 0.3 miles north by widening the paved highway shoulders and improving sight distances around curves. The project is widening the existing shoulders to 10ft, installing retaining walls, flattening soil slopes next to the highway, replacing or installing guardrails, upgrading drainage systems, installing skip rumble strips between travel lanes and shoulders, and adding a bicycle right turn pocket at U.S. 395 and Lower Rock Creek Road. The project is tentatively scheduled to be completed in November 2022.

View from Sherwin GradeSoldier pile constructionNorth Sherwin Shoulders

The middle photo shows the construction of a soldier pile, which is a retaining wall that will allow crews to widen the shoulders of this section of U.S. Highway 395, improve erosion and drainage. The photo on the left shows where a slope is being altered to make room for a wider shoulder. The photo on the right shows where an additional retaining wall is being constructed. 

Project Map

map of North Sherwin Shoulders

Project Video

soldier post construction

Click image to view North Sherwin Shoulders Project video

Project Cost

The estimated cost of this project is $21.4 million.

Project Timeline

Project schedule (Subject to change):

  • March 2018: Circulate DED 
  • June 2020: Right of Way Certification
  • July 2020: Advertise
  • February 2021: Contract Awarded
  • April 2021: Construction Began
  • November 2021: Suspended for the Winter
  • May 2022: Construction Resumed
  • November 2022: End of Construction

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