Manzanar Pavement

Project Description

The project will repave nearly 11 miles of pavement on U.S. Highway 395 from about 2.5 miles south of the Manzanar National Historic Site Visitor Center, through the town of Independence, to 0.3 miles north of Fish Hatchery Road. This stretch of U.S. Highway 395 is showing signs of distress and cracking. Not only will repaving the road create a better driving experience for motorists and cyclists, but it will also defer the need for major and intrusive maintenance projects. Along with pavement and asphalt work, major features of the project include sidewalk and curb ramp upgrades, striping, and regulatory and warning signage additions.

Project Schedule

January 2022 - PA&ED

November 2023 - Right of Way Certification

December 2023 - Ready to List

May 2024 - Contract Approval

July 2024 - Tentative Beginning of Construction

For More Information Contact

  • Michael Lingberg, Caltrans District 9 Public Information Officer, (760) 920-0280