Conway Ranch Shoulder Widening Project

The Project:

The Conway Ranch Shoulder Widening project proposes to widen the existing paved shoulders on U.S Highway 395 from the junction with State Route 127 to 0.2 miles north of Conway Ranch Road in Mono County. It also proposes to install shoulder rumble strips, correct a substandard compound curve and lengthen the chain control area at postmile 59.49 by 500 feet. Culverts will be extended or replaced as needed. There are currently two “build” alternatives under consideration for the project.

  1. This alternative proposes to shift the highway alignment to the west and only widen pavement to the west to allow for standard 8ft shoulders on both sides of the highway. This alternative will require approximately 0.5 acre of new right-of-way easement to be acquired from Mono County.
  2. Alternative 2 proposes to widen the pavement on both sides of the highway (east and west) to provide standard 8-foot shoulders. This alternative will require approximately 2.07 acres of new right-of-way easements to be acquired from Mono County, LADWP, and BLM. 

Project Schedule

November 2021 - Draft Environmental Document Circulation

June 2022 - Right of Way Certification

June 2022 - Ready to List

January 2023 - Contract Approval

May 2023 - Tentatively Begin Construction

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