Conway Ranch Shoulder Widening Project

Project Information

The Conway Ranch Shoulder Widening project proposes to widen the existing paved shoulders on U.S Highway 395 from the junction with State Route 167 to 0.4 miles north of Conway Ranch Road in Mono County. It also proposes to install shoulder rumble strips, correct a substandard compound curve and lengthen the chain control area at postmile 59.2 by 500 feet. Culverts will be extended or replaced as needed. There one build and one no-build alternative under consideration for the project.

The proposed features of the Build Alternative are the following:

  • Existing alignment, shoulder widening to both sides;
  • Eight-foot wide outside shoulders; shoulder ground-in skip rumble strips;
  • Lengthen the existing northbound chain installation/removal area at postmile 59.20 to postmile 59.28 to the south 500 feet;
  • Install switch controlled lighting at chain installation/removal area;
  • Curve correction restripe;
  • Where required, fill slopes to 4:1 or flatter fill to the clear recover zone;
  • From edge of the clear recovery zone, variable fill slope to edge of Right of Way;
  • Correct clear recovery zone slope and hit object conditions;
  • Guard rail at select locations;
  • Extend culverts;
  • Erosion control, reclaim and revegetate;

Project Map 

Conway Ranch Shoulders

Draft Environmental Document

The Draft Environmental Document was made available Friday, November 5, 2021 and can be found here: Conway Ranch Shoulders DED

Project Timeline

Project Schedule (Subject to Change):

  • November 2021: Draft Environmental Document Circulation
  • June 2022: Right of Way Certification
  • October 2022: Advertise
  • November 2022: Bid Opening
  • January 2023: Contract Approval
  • May 2023: Begin Construction

For More Information

  • Michael Lingberg, Caltrans District 9 Public Information Officer, (760) 920-0280

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