US-95 Rock Slope Protection and Culvert Replacement

  • Riverside County, California
  • District 08-Riv-95 (PM 14-36.20)
  • EA 08-1G000/PN 0815000107

Project Description:

The proposed project area extends along a 22.2-mile stretch between PM 14 and PM 36.20, near the San Bernardino County Line on US-95 in the unincorporated territory of Riverside County, California. The proposed project spans from approximately 16 miles north of the city of Blythe to Vidal. The Project alignment traverses portions of the following United States Geological Survey (USGS) 7.5-minute topographic quadrangles: Big Maria Mountains SE, Big Maria Mountains NE, Poston, Parker SW, and Vidal, California. The proposed project crosses through several Ranges and Townships.

Project Purpose:

The proposed project consists of restoration of storm-eroded embankments with rock slope protection (RSP) and replacement of culverts on US-95 from PM 14 to PM 36.20. With this project, Caltrans proposes 1) construction of water embankment protection systems with RSP at eight (8) desert wash locations, construction of a concrete apron for drainage purposes and non-erodible concreted RSP at the downstream edge of traveled way (ETW); 2) construction US-95 Rock Slope Protection and Culvert Replacement of concrete aprons at the upstream ETW at RSP locations 2,4, & 8 to prevent undercutting of the Edge of Pavement (EP); 3) install Rumble Strips (RS) along the concrete aprons, to alert drivers of errant vehicles from running off the road; and 4) replace and upgrade 12 existing culverts. Staging areas are proposed at PM 22.6 and PM 26.2.