State Route 60 (SR-60) Pavement Rehab Project

On SR-60 between Euclid Ave in San Bernardino County to the 60/91/215 interchange in Riverside County.

Project Description:

The State Route 60 (SR-60) Pavement Rehabilitation project will replace the existing Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) mainline and shoulder in multiple locations, rehabilitate asphalt concrete pavement on the exit and entrance ramps and upgrade ADA ramps in San Bernardino County from Euclid Ave to the 60/91/215 Interchange in Riverside County.

The condition of the existing pavement is poor with a high percentage of third-stage cracks and corner cracks in the two outside lanes, including damaged pavement in various locations in other lanes of traffic. The continued deterioration of pavement severely decreases the ride quality of existing roadway and potentially adversely impact goods movement and the motoring public.

Project History:

SR-60, an east-west corridor, is a major commute and goods movement route through a large urbanized area of Southern California. It also serves the commercial center for Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, including Ontario International Airport. This route is part of the National Network for Federal Surface Transportation Assistant Act (STAA) for oversized trucks.

The 2008 Pavement Condition Survey Inventory (PCSI) indicates the existing pavement exhibits extensive cracking and corner breaks. This project will rehabilitate the existing pavement with a roadway structure that will provide an extended service life and require less maintenance expenditures, minimize maintenance worker exposure and improve ride quality.