State Route 18 Shoulder Widening and Rumble Strips

  • EA: 0P390 ID: 0800001025

Project Description & Scope

Caltrans proposes to widen the existing shoulders to 8 feet and construct centerline and shoulder rumble strips on State Route 18 (SR-18), eastbound and westbound, in and near the City of Adelanto, from the SR-18/US-395 junction to 0.9 miles west of Oasis Road; a total of 14.4 miles. The project is proposed to improve motorist safety, reduce the number and severity of cross-centerline accidents and improve operational characteristics along this segment of SR-18. The project will also remove and replace an existing dike, install new guardrail as necessary, extend two existing culverts, install rock slope protection and relocate an existing waterline away from the shoulder.

Need & Purpose of Project

The purpose of the project is to warn and/or alert distracted motorists about the imminent potential for crossing the centerline into oncoming traffic and/or crossing onto the shoulder. The centerline rumble strip and shoulder rumble strip will generate an audible noise and rumble effect when tires pass over it to warn drivers to take corrective action to bring the vehicle back in the lane. Replacing the existing pavement markers and re-striping will enhance the visibility and delineation of the pavement. The project is expected result in a reduction of cross-centerline and run-off road collisions along this segment of SR-18. The purpose of the project is also to upgrade the existing shoulders to comply with the Caltrans Highway Safety Improvement Guidelines.


Approximately $49,014,000


Construction began late 2018
Construction ends mid 2019