SR-18 Raised Curb Median Victorville - Fact Sheet

Project Description

The project proposes to widen the existing State Route 18 (SR-18) to provide two-foot inside shoulders and construct an eight-foot raised curb median from Amargosa Road to Colbalt Road. SR-18 will remain a four lane conventional highway. The project also proposes to reconstruct sidewalks, driveways, and curb ramps, extend and/or replace drainage systems, and guardrails.

Project Features

  • Widen highway to provide 2-foot shoulders
  • Construct 8-foot wide raised median island
  • Reconstruct sidewalks, driveways and curb ramps
  • Extend and/or replace cross-culverts and guardrails

Project Schedule

PIP 03/06/13
PID 10/06/16
PA&ED 07/30/18*
PS&E 12/30/19*
 R/W Cert 04/30/20*
RTL 05/29/20*
Beg Const 09/30/21*
End Const 09/30/21*

*Denotes dates that are estimated


On SR-18 in Victorville from Amargosa Rd. to Cobalt Rd (2.5 miles)

Cost Estimate

$9.5 Million

Construction Duration

September 2020 to 2021

Purpose & Need

The proposed raised curb median is intended to reduce the incidence of cross-median collisions between opposing vehicles on State Route 18 by means of a physical barrier. 

Project Contact

For additional information please contact:

Tyeisha Prunty, Public Information Officer



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