State Route 127 Shoulder Widening and Rumble Strips Project

  • Unincorporated Area Of San Bernardino County, California
  • District 08-SBD-127 (PM 28.0/28.5)
  • EA 08-1E5501 PN 0814000049

Project Description:

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) proposes to widen and construct a paved shoulder with rumble strips in each direction along a horizontal curve within the project limits between post mile (PM) 28.0 and 28.5 on State Route 127 (SR-127) in San Bernardino County, California.

Problem, Deficiencies, and Justification:

The District’s investigation of the collisions within the project area was documented in the “Two-Lane and Three-Lane Centerline Collision Monitoring 2011 Report.” The headquarters Program Concurrence Letter dated June 18, 2013, verified the District’s investigation and determined the need to initiate a safety project within the project limits on SR-127.  Traffic Accident Surveillance and Analysis System (TASAS) – Transportation System Network (TSN) data (July 1, 2010–June 30, 2013) also indicates that a majority of collisions were run-offroad and over-turn types of collisions.

With this project, Caltrans proposes to widen shoulders (to eight feet) and install in-ground rumble strips (12 inches wide) to reduce cross-centerline and run-off-road types of collisions.  Wider shoulders will allow more recovery time for errant vehicles. Research has also indicated that shoulder rumble strips can reduce all collisions by up to 30 percent. Rumble strips can reduce run-off collisions by up to 50 percent.

Regional and System Planning:

SR-127 is a two-lane conventional highway, functionally classified as a Rural Minor Arterial, connecting southeastern California to Nevada and other rural highways. The south end of the highway begins in the community of Baker at SR-127’s separation with I-15. The highway continues north from Baker, traverses remote desert terrain, and ends at the California/Nevada border, where it becomes Nevada Highway 373. The route is part of the Interregional Road System (IRRS) and is included as a Terminal Access Route within the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) Network. SR-127 serves local, interregional, recreational, and goods movement traffic while providing access to Death Valley National Park and other recreational lands.