I-10 Tune Up Pavement Rehabilitation

Project Description

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will begin construction on a pavement rehabilitation project on Interstate 10 (I-10), from Beaumont to State Route 111 (SR-111). This roughly, 20-mile long project, dubbed the I-10 Tune Up, is scheduled to start February 2020 and end late 2022.

Project Details

The I-10 Tune Up will replace various damaged concrete slabs, rehabilitate the pavement in the project area, upgrade various on and off ramps, and upgrade the guardrail and drainage systems. Work will be completed in approximately, 5-mile segments, beginning with Segment 2 from Banning to Cabazon. Crews will complete eastbound work, then switch to the westbound side within each segment.

Crossover Lane

To complete the project without reducing freeway capacity, crews will build a temporary “crossover lane” in the construction area. A crossover lane creates a workspace by shifting one lane of traffic to the other side of the freeway using temporary k-rail.

What to Expect

During daytime work, Caltrans plans to have four lanes open in each direction and work will take place behind k-rail. There may be occasions that daytime ramp closures will be required. Nighttime work will require lane and ramp closures which could be down to one lane. The crossover lane traffic pattern change, along with narrower 11-foot-wide-lanes, will naturally cause motorists to reduce their speed. The speed limit is reduced from 70 MPH to 60 MPH in the work zone for motorist and worker safety. Big Rigs and autos with trailers will still maintain 55 MPH in the work zone.

Work Hours

  • Daytime work hours will be Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Nighttime work hours 7 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Project Need

The I-10 is a major east-west connector route transporting people and goods through California. The heavily traveled roadway is crack and in disrepair. This project will restore structural integrity and ride quality in the project area, and minimize maintenance needs, therefore minimizing worker exposure.

Project Cost

$220 million, of which $116 million was SB 1 Funded.

Important Information

The Haugen-Lehamn Way I-10 eastbound onramp will be closed starting February 7, 2021 and will reopen May 2021. This is to assist in worker safety and to make ramp improvements. There are two available detours. Motorists may enter I-10 going westbound, and exit Main St. Continue on Main St, and reenter the interstate going eastbound. The other detour is for motorist to use outer I-10/Railroad Ave to Main St, and enter I-10 going eastbound. 

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Contact the Project Team

For questions, please contact Emily Leinen, Public Information Officer by email (Emily.Leinen@dot.ca.gov) or at (909) 383-1910.

This information is subject to change based on field or construction conditions.