State Route 134 Pioneers/Arroyo Seco Bridge Barrier Upgrade Project Location and Limits

This project is located on State Route 134 (SR 134) between North San Rafael Avenue and Interstate 210.

The Project

The purpose of this project is to upgrade the bridge railings on the Pioneers Bridge (also known as the Arroyo Seco Bridge) and a portion of the adjacent Orange Grove Boulevard on-ramp. The upgrades are necessary for the bridge barriers to meet new state and federal standards. In addition, the project will provide minor aesthetic improvements.


Fall 2022 through spring 2024

Total Project Costs

Construction is anticipated to cost approximately $7 million.


Q: How will motorists be impacted by the work?

A: During this work, up to three lanes on eastbound SR 134 will close intermittently at night. In addition, there will be periodic nighttime closures of the following ramps and connectors:


  • Eastbound SR 134 on-ramp from San Rafael Avenue
  • Westbound SR 134 off-ramp to San Rafael Avenue
  • Eastbound SR 134 off-ramp to Orange Grove Boulevard
  • Westbound SR 134 on-ramp from Orange Grove Boulevard
  • Eastbound Interstate 210 (I-210) connector to westbound SR 134
  • Northbound I-710 connector to westbound SR 134


No two consecutive ramps will close at the same time.

All work is subject to change due to weather and construction-related issues. Residents and businesses near the project may experience noise, vibrations and dust associated with construction activities.

Q: Will any city streets be closed?

A: During nighttime work, there may be occasional closures or flagging operations on Linda Vista Avenue, Arroyo Boulevard and Arroyo Drive.

Q: Why is this work being done at night instead of during the day?

A: Caltrans is limited in which operations can be done during the day due to the undue impact daytime work would have on the traveling public. As this project requires lane closures on SR 134, working during the day would cause major traffic impacts across the region, as traffic would slow severely on SR 134 and nearby highways. There is no perfect solution when it comes to road construction. Caltrans must weigh the impacts of projects and determine a solution that causes the least disruption to nearby communities, the environment and to the traveling public.

If you have any questions or concerns about nighttime construction, please reach out to the contact at the bottom of this webpage. Caltrans will work with nearby residents to mitigate or minimize project-related impacts.

Q: How do I receive the latest information about closures and detours?

A: Throughout the project, the contractor will place multiple message signs along detour routes to direct traffic and alert motorists of upcoming closures. In addition, closure information is posted in real-time on

Additional project information about this project and others in Los Angeles and Ventura counties are posted on social media:

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If you are interested in receiving project updates and closure information via email, please reach out to the contact below.  

Contact Information

Allison Colburn

Public Information Officer

Caltrans District 7