Santa Monica Blvd Bike Lane Project

The Project

Caltrans is proposing a bicycle lane project on Santa Monica Blvd (SR-2), in the West LA neighborhood of Los Angeles. The intent of this project is to close an existing bicycle route gap that is currently bisected by SR-2.

santa monica bike project limit map

Purpose and Need

The purpose of this project is to create a continuous path for active commuters who utilize the existing facilities for work, school, or for recreational purposes. By closing a bike route, users will have fewer conflict points with vehicles and will be able to travel in a safer and more accessible manner.

The need for this project is to continue the development of a comprehensive bicycle network that will encourage multimodal travel. By creating a dedicated bike lane to connect Ohio Ave, users will have a more comfortable and safe experience while traveling adjacent to vehicular traffic.

Design Alternatives

Multiple alternatives are currently being studied to determine the best multimodal improvement for this corridor. Colloquially known as the ‘Ohio to Ohio’ project, the intent of this project is to close an existing bicycle route gap that is bisected by SR-2. The alternatives below are being considered for the project; Caltrans is seeking public input to help develop the best alternative to serve the needs of the community. 

Note: ‘peak hour’ is commonly referred to as rush hour, wherein the outermost travel lane would become a dedicated lane for buses only during certain parts of the day.

Alternative 1

This alternative would widen the existing roadway to accommodate both a bike lane and a ‘peak hour’ bus lane. Parking would not be removed.

santa monica bike project  alternative 1


Alternative 2

This alternative would create a bi-directional bike lane on one side of Santa Monica Blvd, which would require the removal of both the ‘peak hour’ bus lane and parking for segment.

santa monica bike project  alternative 2


Alternative 3

This alternative is also considered the ‘no build’ alternative, where the existing roadway layout would remain. Please note that a current Caltrans project involves converting the parking lane into a shared bus/bike lane during peak hour through this segment of the Santa Monica Blvd corridor.

santa monica bike project  alternative 3  

Public Engagement Opportunities

Caltrans values your input! The public will have multiple avenues to provide feedback on this project and leave recommendations and suggestions for improvement. This helps the project team learn more about the community, a survey has been developed to gather information and feedback from interested individuals. The survey will be available in both English and Spanish.

The project team will also be hosting a virtual meeting to provide an opportunity to further discuss the project and solicit further input from the community. This meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 24th. As more outreach opportunities may become available we will update the sections below. Please check back in the coming days. 

Interested in learning more? Connect with us below: 

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Virtual Public Meeting:

Date: Wednesday, May 24th

Time: 7:00pm-8:30pm



Online Survey




If reasonable accommodation is required, such as translation services, or for other project-specific inquiries, contact using the subject line “Santa Monica Blvd Bike Lane Project”.

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