I-5 Roadway Rehabilitation Project in North Los Angeles County/Santa Clarita

“Improving your ride on I-5 in the Santa Clarita Valley”

The Project

This project covers a distance of 15.8 miles in northern Los Angeles County in and near the city of Santa Clarita, from 0.5 miles south of the Interstate 5 / State Route 14 separation to 1.7 miles north of the I-5 Lake Hughes Road undercrossing.


This portion of I-5 has pavement that is more than 50 years old and is no longer adequate for the existing and future traffic loads. The project will extend the service life of the roadway and upgrade parts of the highway that are failing, worn out or functionally obsolete.


Once completed, the new surface will provide a smoother, safer drive for motorists and will reduce time required for future maintenance, which will minimize future lane closures and delays for drivers.

Project Elements

To assure a smoother ride, concrete paving will be continuously upgraded in the outside lanes (#3 and #4 lanes). In lanes #1 and #2, broken slabs will be replaced, and the full length of lanes #1 and #2 will receive profile grinding to ensure a smooth surface for vehicles. In portions of the roadway with asphalt pavement, concrete pavement will be installed. The guardrail will be upgraded to the current standard.

New Temporary lanes

Starting in mid-December 2017, new temporary lanes were added on two portions of northbound and southbound I-5. The temporary bypass lanes allow the remaining lanes in each direction to stay open during construction, allowing drivers the option to travel away from the work zone.

Northbound Bypass Lanes

On northbound I-5, one of four lanes is shifted to what is normally the inner southbound shoulder near Magic Mountain Parkway, and then returns to the northbound side north of Hasley Canyon Road. Currently, paving operation is ongoing.


Southbound Bypass Lanes

On southbound I-5, one of four lanes is shifted to what is normally the inner northbound shoulder near Rye Canyon Road, and then returns to the southbound side near Lyons Avenue/Pico Canyon. Currently, paving removal operation is ongoing.

The work area is protected by K-rails, and the split lanes will run for less than a mile.


  • Construction phase begins Summer 2017
  • Construction phase ends Summer 2019

Project Area

The project is under construction along 15.8 miles of Interstate 5, from one-half mile south of State Route 14 (the Antelope Valley Freeway) to 1.7 miles north of Lake Hughes Road.


Q: What is the I-5 (Golden State Freeway) Roadway Rehabilitation Project in North L.A. County?

A: I-5 is the backbone of the state highway system and carries a substantial volume of traffic, including a significant level of truck traffic. The amount of traffic and the age of the roadway require Caltrans to take action to repair and upgrade the highway to handle current and future traffic loads. The work will be performed on I-5 from south of State Route 14 (Antelope Valley Freeway) to north of Lake Hughes Road, a distance of 15.8 miles.

Q: What are the times of construction activities?

A: Most of the work will be done at night between approximately 8 p.m. and 5 a.m., but some work will occur during the day.

Q: Will freeway lanes be closed during construction?

A: In general, Caltrans plans to keep at least two free way lanes open for traffic in the construction zone, except between midnight and 4 a.m. when at least one lane will be kept open for traffic. If a full closure becomes necessary for the safety of the public, it is the policy of Caltrans to provide adequate notice to the public before such a closure and to post signs giving drivers a satisfactory detour around the closure.

Q: Will this project be noisy at night?

A: Noise levels will not exceed state and federal regulations. Caltrans will monitor noise levels during construction to minimize the impact to local neighborhoods. If you experience excessive noise related to this construction project, please contact Caltrans.

Q: Where are the new temporary bypass lanes?

A: Temporary bypass lanes are located on two separate portions of northbound and southbound I-5. On northbound I-5, one of four lanes Is shifted to what is normally the inner southbound shoulder between approximately Valencia Boulevard and Rye Canyon Road. On southbound I-5, one of four lanes is shift to what is normally the northbound inner shoulder between approximately Lake Hughes Road and Hasley Canyon Road.

Q: Will drivers be able to exit the bypass lane before reaching its end?

A: No. The bypass lane is protected by k-rails and the existing center median. Once drivers enter the bypass lane, they will not be able to exit until the lane shifts back to the original lane pattern.

Q: Can solo drivers enter the bypass lane?

A: Yes. The bypass lane is not a carpool or High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane.

Q: What is the speed limit for the construction area?

A: At the split lanes on southbound I-5 between Calgrove Boulevard and State Route 14 (Antelope Valley Freeway), the California Highway Patrol enforces a 50 mph speed limit. In other areas of the roadway rehabilitation project, a 55 mph speed limit is in effect.

Q: Will carpool lanes be constructed as part of this project?

A: No, this is a roadway rehabilitation project. Construction of carpool lanes (also called HOV or High Occupancy Vehicle lanes) on this segment of I-5 is anticipated under a separate project following completion of this project. Metro (Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority), in cooperation with Caltrans, is conducting final design for the proposed HOV lanes and extensions of the truck lanes along I-5 from State Route 14 to south of Parker Road in northern Los Angeles County. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2019.More information can be found on Metro's project website:http://www.metro.net/projects/i-5-enhancements/.

Contact Information

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