I-405 Western Avenue to Crenshaw Blvd Auxiliary Lanes Project

The Project

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), in coordination with Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA METRO) and the City of Torrance, will make improvements to a 1.2 mile segment of Interstate 405 (I-405) that is located in Los Angeles County. This project will improve the I-405 at Crenshaw Boulevard & the 182nd Street interchange and add auxiliary lanes on the I-405 between Western Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles County.  Improvements include constructing a new southbound on-ramp from northbound Crenshaw Boulevard and increasing storage space for vehicles on Interstate I-405 on and off-ramps and local streets by widening the road resulting in congestion mitigation. improving traffic operations of the I-405 between Western Avenue, Post Mile (PM) 14.3 and Crenshaw Boulevard, PM 15.8 and at the Crenshaw Boulevard interchange.

Currently Construction is ongoing Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. with a reduced speed limit of 55 mph through the work zone.

Residents and local businesses located near the freeway may experience noise, dust and vibrations associated with construction activities. These activities will be completed by Fall 2023.  During construction phase there will be certain periods with short term street lane closures and ramp closures. Advance warning signs and detours will be provided.


This improvement will enhance and mitigate the existing and forecasted operational deficiencies on the I-405 and local streets in the vicinity of I-405/Crenshaw interchange. The project will also improve traffic flow and mitigate congestion and enhance safety by eliminating vehicles backing onto the streets from freeway on and off-ramps.


This project is currently in the construction phase and will be completed by Fall 2023. 

Project Area

The project area will include the I-405 between Western Avenue and Crenshaw Blvd. The on and off ramps for Crenshaw & 182nd Street interchange and the Crenshaw and 182nd Street Interchange.



Construction cost is estimated at $62 million. Ortiz Enterprises of Irvine, CA is the current contractor.


For more recent construction updates refer to Caltrans social media and city of Torrance.