San Bernardino Freeway (I-10) High Occupancy Lane Project

The Project

Construction of one High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV or carpool) lane along the San Bernardino Freeway (I-10) in each direction between the San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605) and Orange Freeway (SR-57).


Interstate 10 has experienced serious congestion while carrying a substantial amount of traffic. To address this issue, carpool lanes are being constructed in each direction of the freeway.


The I-10 HOV project will increase the 557-mile carpool lane system in Los Angeles County, add freeway capacity, reduce congestion by encouraging carpooling, improve traffic flow, and reduce energy consumption, thereby improving air quality. Soundwalls will be constructed to mitigate noise at various locations throughout the project boundaries and help improve the quality of life for residents.


Construction for segment 2 between Puente Avenue in Baldwin Park and Citrus Street in West Covina began in 2014 and was completed in September 2020. View the I 10 HOV Lanes Project video. Construction for segment 3 between Citrus Street in West Covina and SR-57 began in 2016 and is anticipated to complete during summer, 2021.

Project Map (PDF)


Q: What is the I-10 HOV Construction Project?

A: The San Bernardino Freeway (I-10) has experienced serious congestion while carrying a substantial amount of traffic. To address this issue, carpool lanes are being constructed in each direction of I-10 between the San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605) and Orange Freeway (SR-57). Bridge widening, ramp realignment and soundwall and retaining wall construction is also taking place as part of construction activities. Caltrans is currently working on the second and third segment of the I-10 HOV lane construction project. Segment 1 construction, between I-605 and Puente Avenue in Baldwin Park, completed in 2013. Segment 2 covers I-10 between Puente Avenue and Citrus Street. Construction began summer 2014 and is anticipated to complete in 2019. Segment 3, which began construction April 2016, will construct an HOV lane in each direction of I-10 between Citrus Street and SR-57, and is anticipated to complete summer of 2021.

Q: Once the I-10 HOV Construction Project is complete, what will the end product look like?

A: Once all segments are completed, there will be a continuous, 40-mile HOV lane from downtown Los Angeles to I-15 in San Bernardino County.

Q: Will this project close down the freeways at any time?

A: There will be construction closures, with the majority of work taking place during evening hours. There will be appropriate signage and detours posted. The project will require long-term ramp closures at various on- and off-ramps along I-10 including Azusa Avenue, Vincent Avenue, West Covina Parkway, Puente Avenue, Citrus Street, Barranca Avenue, Grand Avenue, Holt Avenue and Kellogg Drive. No consecutive ramp closures will take place. Caltrans will post construction notices ahead of time to so that the public is readily informed before these long-term closures take place.

Q: Will this project be noisy at night?

A: Noise levels near project areas will be the same level as ordinary freeway traffic and should not disturb neighborhoods nearby. Caltrans will monitor noise levels during construction to minimize the impact to local neighborhoods. If you experience excessive noise or dust related to this construction project, please contact Caltrans.

Q: Will soundwalls be constructed as part of construction activities?

A: For segment 2, soundwalls will be constructed at the following locations:

  • Eastbound I-10: Puente Avenue undercrossing to eastbound Puente Avenue off-ramp; eastbound Puente Avenue on-ramp to west of Cameron Avenue undercrossing; west of Lark Ellen Avenue undercrossing to eastbound Azusa Avenue off-ramp; west of Hollenbeck Avenue to west of Citrus Avenue undercrossing.
  • Westbound I-10: West of Citrus Avenue undercrossing to east of Hollenbeck Avenue undercrossing; west of Hollenbeck Avenue undercrossing to westbound Azusa Avenue off-ramp; westbound Azusa Avenue on-ramp to Vincent Avenue off-ramp; Vincent Avenue on-ramp to Sunset Avenue off-ramp; west of Sunset Avenue undercrossing to North Roberto Avenue; Pacific Avenue on-ramp to west of Camron Avenue undercrossing; east of Willow Avenue to Puente Avenue off-ramp.

For segment 3, soundwalls will be constructed at the following locations:

  • Eastbound I-10: Grand Avenue overcrossing to Holt Avenue off-ramp; Holt Avenue undercrossing to East Garvey Avenue.
  • Westbound I-10: Garvey Avenue on-ramp to Holt Avenue overcrossing; Holt Avenue off-ramp to Via Verde Street; Via Verde Street overcrossing.

Q: What do soundwalls do?

A: The purpose of soundwalls/noise barriers built along highways/freeways are to provide noise abatement (reduce traffic noise) to impacted noise sensitive land uses along highways, which include but are not limited to residences, schools, hospitals, libraries, churches and playgrounds. Criteria requires soundwalls to provide a minimum of 5 decibel reduction in noise so any recommended soundwalls must reduce traffic noise by this amount. A 3 decibel change in noise is considered barely perceptible by normal human ears. A 5 decibel change is a readily noticeable level.

Q: How tall are the soundwalls? What will the soundwalls look like?

A: The height of the soundwalls range from 12 to 16 feet and will have a mountain range pattern.

Contact Information

To receive email updates about this project, contact the Caltrans representative shown below.

Jim Medina
Public Information Officer
(213) 897-3487
Twitter: @CaltransDist7