US 101 Median Barrier Replacement Project

Location and Limits

In the city and county of Los Angeles, from Pilgrimage Bridge in Hollywood to Valley Circle Boulevard in Woodland Hills

The Project

The US 101 (Hollywood Freeway/Ventura Freeway) project spans 19.3 miles of US 101, which is a major commuter corridor that connects Ventura County to Los Angeles County. It will replace the existing concrete median barrier between Pilgrimage Bridge in Hollywood and Valley Circle Boulevard in Woodland Hills. This project will improve the effectiveness of the median concrete barrier and enhance safety and mobility for motorists travelling along US 101.


19.3 miles


The project will improve effectiveness and reduce median collision severity for motorists. Additionally, installation and increased height of the upgraded median barrier will provide glare protection from opposing traffic.


Spring 2020 through Winter 2022/2023

Concerned Communities

Calabasas, Los Angeles

Total Programmed Project Costs

$49.7 Million


Q: What is the US 101 Median Replacement Project?

A: The purpose of the project is to replace the existing concrete median barrier to improve effectiveness and reduce collision severity for motorists travelling along US 101 (Hollywood Freeway/Ventura Freeway)

Increased height of the upgraded median barrier will provide improved glare protection from opposing traffic.

Q: Will this project close the freeway at any time?

A: Some lanes may be closed in either direction or both directions simultaneously to facilitate a safe work zone for workers and motorists. At least one or two lanes in each direction will remain open for traffic while work is underway. For the latest road conditions, go to Caltrans Quickmap.  All work is weather dependent and subject to change.

Q: Will this project be noisy at night?

A: Residents and businesses near project areas will experience noise from construction related activities.  Loud noise may be experienced during the project's demolition phase.  Noise will dissipate as construction progresses from each location.  Caltrans will monitor noise levels during construction to minimize the impact to local neighborhoods.  If you experience excessive noise or dust related to this construction project, please contact Caltrans.

Q: Will the speed limit be reduced in the construction zone?

A: California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers regularly patrol the area to enforce the 55 mile-an-hour speed limit. Motorists are encouraged to “Slow for the Cone Zone” and be “Work Zone Alert.” Traffic fines are also doubled in construction zones.

Q: When will the project start?

A: Summer 2020

Q: When is the project expected to be complete?

A: Winter 2022/2023

Contact Information

To receive email updates about this project, contact the Caltrans representative shown below.

Jeremiah Teves

Public Information Officer

Caltrans – District 7

213.897.1876 – Desk

Twitter: @CaltransDist7