Cottonwood Creek Bridge Replacement

Project Description (06-0V120)

The project would replace the two existing mainline bridges over Cottonwood Creek on State Route 99 in Madera County and one on the northbound off-ramp to Avenue 12/Road 29 from State Route 99. The Build Alternative offers two bridge construction type options.


Graphic of project location map


Project Benefits


The purpose of the project is to replace three aging bridges on State Route 99 over Cottonwood Creek in Madera County.


A Structure Maintenance and Investigations Bridge Maintenance Strategy Meeting held on September 1, 2015 recommended replacing the concrete bridges because of steel corrosion, deck deterioration, and superstructure and substructure distress related to chloride intrusion.

The bridges have a long history of deck and soffit deterioration. According to a 2011 test on the bridge, water and salt have reached levels that corrode the steel in the reinforced concrete of the bridge. The mainline bridge piles on the northbound and southbound State Route 99 bridges are exposed, as shown in the figures below.

In addition, the asphalt overlay on the State Route 99 bridges is continually deteriorating, resulting in repeated emergency repair projects. The northbound and southbound State Route 99 bridges have had spot failures in the decks that have required patching. The project would repair the decks and the pavement on the decks of the bridges, which would eliminate costly ongoing maintenance projects. The soffits (areas between the support beams of the bridge) of the two structures show cracking, salt residue, spots of distressed concrete and evidence of full-depth repairs.

The Structure Replacement and Improvement Needs Report also identified the need to upgrade the non-standard bridge rails.

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Estimated Funding Breakdown

Construction Cost: $26,850,000


Proposed Project Schedule

Process Date
Final environmental document to be completed May 2020
Right-of-way acquisition to be completed July 2021
Design to be completed March 2021
Advertise December 2021
Construction to begin March 2022
Construction to be completed October 2024


Project Contact

District 6 Public Information Office
Phone: (559) 444-2518