District 5 - Transportation Planning

About Planning

Transportation Planning articulates a long-term systematic vision thoughtfully designed to improve mobility throughout the District, while remaining sensitive to the local context of community and cultural values. The Division supports project selection and delivery as well as system operations.

Staff collects and presents data, analyzes alternatives, and creates comprehensive, multi-modal plans. These plans maximize state-of-the-art technological advancements to identify and initiate future - and protect existing - State transportation investments. Staff expresses these plans and concepts to Department managers, decision-makers and the public.

The Division is a leader in the transportation field, emphasizing transparent partnerships and openness within and beyond the Department. It is also a bridge between its external partners and internal operational organizations.

District 5 Local Assistance provides services to local agencies in Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz Counties. With a staff of nine, the District's Local Assistance branch works in partnership with the Regional Transportation Agencies (RTPAs) for each county. They serve as the primary point of contact for local agencies helping them with their federal or state-funded projects from project implementation to project completion.