Trout Creek Bridge Replacement Project

Project Description

Caltrans plans to replace the existing Trout Creek Bridge on SR- 58 with a new bridge that will be able to accommodate standard bridge rails and multimodal use. The existing bridge structure will be removed along with any existing man-made elements constructed within the creek. The existing Trout Creek Bridge is currently fitted with wooden-post bridge rails that no longer meet current safety standards. During initial structural investigation, it was found that the current bridge structure would not be capable of supporting the weight of the new concrete bridge rails. The initial investigation also identified structural issues and seismic deficiencies with the existing bridge. In order to install new concrete bridge rails to meet current safety standards and to solve the structural and seismic deficiencies found on the existing bridge, a new bridge structure had to be built. The new Trout Creek Bridge will be compliant with current structural and geometric standards that will address the existing seismic and hydraulic issues found on the current bridge. The new bridge structure will also include bicycle rails on the new bridge railings and standard width shoulders that would accommodate a Class III bicycle route. The new Trout Creek Bridge will maintain the existing two traffic lanes and the bridge approaches will need to be modified to match the existing roadway with the new bridge.

Project Information

  • Bridge Replacement to improve safety to travelers
  • The estimated cost for the project is approximately $6,459,606
  • The estimated time for the build the project is approximately 425 working days
  • Anticipated construction to begin in 2020, with anticipated construction completion in Spring of 2023


Matt Fowler, Senior Environmental Planner
Phone: (805) 542-4603