Highway 1 Roadside Safety Improvement Project


This project proposes to provide worker safety improvements at various locations along 8.9 miles of Highway 1, extending through the City of Seaside, the City of Monterey, Monterey County, and into Carmel. The proposed work begins at the Carmel River Bridge and ends 0.3 miles north of Fremont Boulevard. There is also work proposed on Highway 68 from the 1/68 separation to 0.1 miles east of Highway 1.

  • Various Locations: There are 36 locations proposed for modifications and improvements based on maintenance worker safety priority needs.
  • Post Miles: R72.2/R81.1 on Highway 1 and 4.0/4.1 on Highway 68.

The project would be constructed within the existing highway right of way. No utilities will be impacted or require relocation. No trees are being removed.


Roadside Safety Improvement Program: This type of highway worker safety improvement project will be happening throughout California to provide a safer work environment for maintenance personnel and the public and reduce injuries and fatalities. The risk of injury or fatality increases with the length of time an employee is exposed to traffic without protection. Since its inception projects have been initiated statewide at locations with recurring needs requiring Caltrans Maintenance Staff to be exposed on foot on the roadside.

Project Elements

  • Contrasting surface treatment in areas beyond the gore
  • Metal beam guardrail installed
  • Vegetation control under guardrails
  • Three beam barrier openings in the median
  • Chain link fencing and gates
  • Moving pull boxes
  • Roadside signs reinstalled
  • Widening outside shoulder in select locations

This project will provide an easily maintainable surface (Contrasting Surface Treatment) for the area between the ramp and the mainline. The hard surface will extend to the point at which the distance from the Edge of Traveled Way of the ramp and the mainline highway are 36' apart.

  • Aesthetic Enhancements: The goal is that the aesthetic enhancements used will help to create a unified corridor through the region. Earth tone color and texture drawn from the surrounding vistas will subtly blend in with the unique visual character of the area.

Below is a street view of one location. In the triangular area between the mainline highway and the off-ramp the natural sand or vegetation would be replaced with a hard decorative surface (Contrasting Surface Treatment) that requires less maintenance, reducing maintenance worker exposure to high speed traffic.

  • Coastal Zone: The project consists of work locations within the Coastal Zone therefore Approvals/Permits have been obtained from these entities.
  • City of Seaside: two locations.
  • City of Monterey: two locations.
  • County of Monterey: one location.


Construction is anticipated to begin in Fall of 2018.


Kristen Merriman
Associate Environmental Planner- Generalist
California Department of Transportation
855 M Street, Suite 200
Fresno, CA 93721
(559) 445-6462