Castroville Improvement Project

castroville improvement project logo showing buildings with pedestrians crossing the street on foot and by bike

Virtual Public Town Hall

A virtual public townhall will be held on August, 26th 2020 from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm. The meeting will be held on the WebEx platform, see details below on how to join.

Meeting Format:

  • 5:00 pm – 5:10 pm: Allow time for participants to join the meeting, welcome, and introductions

  • 5:10 pm: Welcome from Supervisor John Phillips, District 2 & Debbie Hale, Executive Director TAMC

  • 5:20 pm: Introduce the project team & begin the presentation. We will include a Spanish introduction and means of communicating with Caltrans.The meeting will be recorded, and all questions and comments will be included in the public hearing record.

  • 5:40 pm: Start the question & answer session. 

  • During the questions and comments portion of the meeting, use the ‘raise hand’ and ‘chat’ features to ask your question.  During the Q&A session there will also be a brief survey to collect some input on specific questions about the project corridor.

  • 7:00 pm: Meeting adjourned. Your questions and comments will be given full consideration in preparation of the final environmental document.

To Join the Meeting:

You may join the meeting by mobile device or by phone:

  • By phone: 1-408-418-9388 Access code: 146 391 3402 
    • Phone participants will not be able to provide comments or ask questions during the meeting

Project Survey:

Below you will find a survey that asks about your opinions and needs in the development of the proposed project.  We are asking you to complete this simple questionnaire in an effort to better understand your needs for access, connectivity and potential concerns you may have about the projects impacts to the community both temporary and permanent.

Project Facts


The project is in Monterey County on State Route 183, from just south of Del Monte Avenue to the State Route 183 and State Route 1 junction. This multi-objective project would rehabilitate the pavement, replace damaged sidewalk and most substandard sidewalk, reconstruct curb ramps and driveway aprons, construct bus stop sidewalks, and address essential bridge repairs.  The overall goal is to improve ride quality of the pavement along with improving the walkability along State Route 183 through downtown Castroville. 

Image that illustrates the location of the project from a regional and state perspective.  The location of project is located in the community of Castroville in Monterey County.  Near Moss Landing, CA and north of the City of Monterey.          Image that illustrates the limits of the project in the community of Castroville.  The begin construction limit is near the intersection of State Route 183 and Del Monte Boulevard and travels along State Route 183 (locally called Merritt Street) through the community of Castroville.  The End Construction limit is at the  intersection of State Route 183 as it intersects with State Route 1.



Project Benefits

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to address structural deficiencies and improve multimodal travel along State Route 183 through the community of Castroville. More specifically, the following goals have been identified in the purpose: 
  • Improve the quality of ride, prevent further deterioration, and reduce the cost of maintenance of the roadway and worker exposure; 
  • Improve accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act (known as ADA) to address deficiencies within the project limits; 
  • Improve safety and operations along State Route 183 as the route intersects with the local road network, improving both vehicular operations and non-motorized users within the corridor.
  • Address maintenance needs at the State Route 183 and State Route 156 interchange bridge and  (Maintenance/Culvert report lists the drainage system at Rico street to be in good condition and thus needs no rehabilitation). Other drainage improvements that the project proposes are to replace a culvert and a downdrain just north of Del Monte Avenue and to regrade the ditch on the east side of State Route 183 north of Del Monte Avenue. Minor longitudinal slope correction will be accomplished during reconstruction of the curb and gutter where feasible.  
  • Install Intelligent Transportation System components to improve corridor reliability, productivity and improve conditions for worker safety; 
  • Improve safety, access and connectivity along and across State Route 183 for the transit, bicycle, and pedestrian movements within the corridor. 
Need: The proposed project addresses several infrastructure needs that Caltrans has identified for State Route 183 (Merritt Street). The pavement throughout the limits of the project is distressed and deteriorated due to heavy truck usage. In addition, the deck of State Route 183 bridge over State Route 156 is cracking and in need of repair to prevent water intrusion and to extend the life of the bridge.

Pedestrian facilities within the project limits are inconsistent and substandard, with narrow sidewalks, steep driveways, missing or substandard curb ramps, and an absence of walkways at the back of driveways. These conditions create barriers to disabled individuals and discourage pedestrian use of State Route 183 (Merritt Street) as pedestrians are forced to traverse uneven pavement and negotiate obstacles such as street trees, light posts, newspaper stands, fire hydrants and other items. The majority of street trees do not have adequately-sized planting wells, and tree roots have cracked and upended sidewalk pavement. In addition, the signalized intersections within the project limits lack the newer enhanced audible pedestrian pushbutton signal and countdown pedestrian signal head systems.  The majority of the bus stops on Merritt Street generally lack an adequate landing area and turn-around space for wheelchairs.

Bicycles are allowed on the entirety of State Route 183 which is designated as a Class 3 Bicycle Route between Haro Street and Salinas Street which includes the State Route 183 bridge over State Route 156. As a Class 3 route, a lane for bicycles is not striped as it would be for Class 2-type facilities. Without specific lane striping or other markings there is nothing to alert vehicle drivers to a travel way for bicyclists.

The existing state highway right of way width for State Route 183 (Merritt Street) within the project limits varies substantially, ranging from 66 feet to 105 feet. As such, some sections of the right of way are too narrow to accommodate continuous provision of, or consistent standard dimensions for roadway shoulders, sidewalks, driveways, curb ramps and bicycle lanes. This inconsistency results in an intermittent, sporadic pattern of these facilities in the community.  

Estimated Funding Breakdown

  • State: $38,000,000
  • Construction Cost: $20,3000,000

Public Circulation of the Draft Environmental Document

The Draft Environmental Document will have a public circulation period of 45 days.  The anticipated public circulation of the Draft Environmental Document is anticipated in Fall 2020.  There will be another opportunity for public input during the public circulation period.

This webpage will provide information on the Draft Environmental Document and upcoming meetings, so please check back periodically for project updates.

Title VI

Below you will find a survey that asks about your race, gender, and nationality. The survey is completely voluntary. Caltrans is collecting these surveys for the following reasons:

  • The Federal Highway Administration, will not fund or replicate ineffective programs. Without the data, we (Caltrans) cannot prove any program’s usefulness.
  • Racial and ethnic data collected from this survey allow us to assess whether or not Caltrans is meeting its goal to be an inclusive department.
  • Caltrans will compile the data received and enter the data in our system within 7 days

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact the Office of Civil Rights at 916-324-8379 or
We thank you for your participation.

Proposed Project Schedule

  • Final Environmental document to be completed: 1/4/2021
  • Right of way acquisition to be completed: 3/30/2023
  • Design to be completed: 3/30/2023
  • Advertise: 5/1/2023
  • Construction to begin: 11/20/2023
  • Construction to be completed: 10/20/2025

Project Contact Info

Project Manager: Brandy Rider

Phone: (805) 549-3620