I-80 Six Bridges Project banner


1. Why does Caltrans need to close the local bridges for 4 months? 

The six bridges don’t meet the current vertical clearance design standard of 16 feet 6 inches. The bridges will be raised one at a time, starting with Springs Road. 

To ensure worker and public safety, westbound and eastbound Springs Road will be closed at WB Interstate 80 for 4 months beginning of November 2020 until mid-March 2021. 

2. Will pedestrian access be impacted?

We understand that the closure will cause some disruption to your daily commute, whether you’re driving, walking to work or biking to your local store. Which is why it was important for Caltrans Bay Area Now to offer a 24-hour shuttle service for residents living in the area to safely use.  All you need to do is walk to one of shuttle stops and call the shuttle number that is located on the sign, Shuttle Number (415) 263-4000.


You’ll need to let the driver know what shuttle stop location you’re at. We really want everyone to be safe while this closure is happening, so we hope you’ll use this shuttle service. 

3. How is Caltrans making sure the project information is being received in diverse communities around the City of Vallejo?

 Our Caltrans team worked at creating information in two languages, Spanish and Tagalog, which are commonly used in the City of Vallejo besides English. The information was 

4. Will Caltrans add any beautifications after rising all six bridges?

Yes, Caltrans does plan on adding trees and shrubs near the overcrossings which will help beautify the area.

5. Will my power or water be disruptive because of this project? 

No, we do not anticipate any power or water disruptions to the surrounding neighborhood as a result of this project.

6. When time of the day will most of the work be happening? 

Most of the work will be taking place during the overnight hours.