Construction Information

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Construction Information

Construction Phase: 

Interstate 80 Six Bridges Project in Vallejo will be increasing the height of the bridges including installing temporary supports, jacking up the superstructure, setting it to its new permanent supports, and modifying the abutments and bridge approaches to accommodate the increased height. 

Construction Detours: 

80 Six Bridges Magazine Street Detour map

Magazine Street Detour starting May 2021

Westbound Detour:

 Motorists traveling westbound on Magazine Street will need to head southbound on E. Lincoln Road, then enter onto the EB I-80 On-Ramp toward the I-780 (Curtola Parkway). Motorists will need to loop on I-780 back onto WB I-80, exiting the Magazine Off-Rap towards Lincoln Road.  

Eastbound Detour: 

Motorists traveling eastbound on Magazine Street will need to head north onto State Route 29 (Sonoma Blvd.), taking a right turn on Lemon Street, towards I-780 (Curtola Parkway) traveling eastbound. Motorists will need to take the Spruce Avenue Off-Ramp, take a left turn onto Laurel Avenue to WB Magazine Street.   

Lane Reductions on I-80

One to two lanes of I-80 will be closed in each direction for construction at night as needed during the construction of each bridge. It may be necessary to briefly close one additional lane intermittently. 

I-80 Night Full Closure

I-80 will be completely closed in one direction at a time for four nights to jack the bridge and set the bridge in its new supports.

Each night’s closure will be limited to within a 5-hour window between 11PM to 4 AM. For each bridge then, there will be a total of eight nights of I-80 closure (four nights for each direction) and a total of 48 nights of I-80 closure for the entire two-year duration of construction on six bridges.

2021-01-05 80 Six Bridges Project closure graphic

I-80 Full Freeway Closure Travel Detour Routes During Jacking and Lowering of Springs Road Bridge.
Eastbound I-80 Detour- From westbound I-780 Connector Ramp to Northbound State Route 29 to eastbound State Route 37 On-Ramp to I-80 Connector Ramp.

Motorists traveling eastbound I-80 are advised to travel westbound I-780, continue westbound on Curtola Parkway, then continue northbound State Route 29(Sonoma Boulevard), to eastbound State Route 37 and enter eastbound I-80.

Westbound I-80 Detour- Westbound State Route 37 On-ramp to Southbound State Route 29 to Eastbound I-780 Connector.
Motorist traveling westbound I-80 are advised to take the westbound State Route 37 on-ramp, continue southbound State Route 29(Sonoma Boulevard), continue eastbound on Curtola Parkway, then continue onto the eastbound I-780 connector and enter westbound I-80.

Springs Road Bridge closed to local traffic beginning October 2020 until January 2021
To ensure worker and public safety, westbound and eastbound Springs Road Bridge will be closed for 4 months in the beginning of October 2020 until mid-January 2021.

Magazine Street Detour: Spring 2021 (Tentative)

80 Six Bridges Magazine Street Detour map

Benicia Road Detour-Fall 2021 (Tentative)

 Benicia Road Detour map


Georgia Street Detour- Winter 2021(Tentative)

Georgia Street Detour map


Tennessee Street Detour-Spring 2022 (Tentative)

Tennessee Street Detour map


Redwood Street Detour- Summer 2022

redwood street detour map

Shuttle Service for Pedestrians and Bicyclist: 
A 24-hr shuttle service will be available for pedestrians and bicyclists who need to cross Springs Road Bridge. 
Phone: (415) 263-4000