Sebastopol - Adding Curb Ramps to Main Street and Petaluma Avenue  (Route 116) 

    This project was completed in Fall 2021. The webpage will remain for public viewing until September 2021.


Sonoma 116 Curb Ramp Sample Image

September 21, 2020

Wilton Avenue has been paved.

Pedestrians: please remember that the traffic island near West America Bank has been permanently removed. So the crosswalk striping is different.

Caltrans is in the final phases of the project, working on "punch list" items, small but important details that must be completed before the project is finished.

The contractor will re-stripe in areas that need it, places where the old stripes were occluded by construction work.

September 11, 2020

St. Francis Electric continued installing and connecting the loop detectors. Loop detectors are wires installed in the pavement, usually in the shape of a rectangle or a loop. They part of an electronic system that provides information to traffic signals. For example, a loop detector installed in a left-turn pocket will detect a car as it travels over the loop. That information is relayed to the control box which tells the signal to activate the left turn arrow during the next cycle. 

Beginning Monday, September 14, 2020

  • Remove old traffic signal pole foundations and repair concrete beginning near the Sebastopol Cookie Company. 
  • Remove island at the intersection of Bodega Ave(Hwy 12)/Petaluma Ave
  • Install/replace street signs

 September 2, 2020

Traffic loops will be placed on Wednesday and Thursday at intersection of McKinley/N Main and intersection of Petaluma Ave/ Hwy 12.

Traffic signs will be installed next week. 

Concrete work on sidewalks begins week of September 14

Traffic island removal and replacement at Petaluma Ave/ Hwy 12 begins week of September 14


August 24, 2020

Due to heavy wildfire smoke which descending into Sebastopol last week, the contractor was unable to work all but a few hours. 

Work Remaining: 

The foundations for the old signal lights need to be removed and the area repaved flush with the sidewalk.  Also, landscaping work remains unfinished adjacent to West America Bank.  

Caltrans will pave the rough area at Wilton Avenue.

August 17, 2020

Caltrans has completed the traffic light switchover, meaning that they have electrified the new signals and turned off the old signals, while flaggers managed traffic

in the interim. The flaggers have gone home and the new signals are fully operating at N. Main and McKinney streets, and Petaluma and Bodega Ave.

August 10, 2020

Caltrans has installed traffic poles for traffic signals located at N. Main Street and McKinley Street and at the intersection of Petaluma Avenue and Bodega Avenue. 

Work on the USPS driveway has been completed.

July 17, 2020

Work to be completed this week:

West America Bank driveway and island at southwest corner of Petaluma Avenue & Bodega Avenue.

Demolish curb ramp and work on drainage system at Laguna Parkway & McKinley Street (Whole Foods Corner).

Work on the USPS driveway will start this week and finish next week.

Curb ramp at the northeast corner of Bodega Avenue & Petaluma Ave

Work next week:

USPS driveway, work finishes up. 

Curb ramp at northeast Bodega Avenue & Petaluma Avenue.

Traffic signal poles going in at both intersections, they will be placed before electrical is ready.

Second week:

Turn on traffic lights

Remove old traffic poles

July 6, 2020  

Below is a list of remaining work on the project: 

This Week

This week Caltrans will install curb ramps at the traffic island where Petaluma Avenue, Sebastopol Avenue, and Depot Street intersect. This is the intersection where CVS Drugstore, the Sebastopol Business Center, Screaming MiMi’s, and WestAmerica Bank are located.

Also, Caltrans will be installing new curb ramps at the intersection where Petaluma Avenue meets McKinley Street and Laguna Parkway.  This is the intersection where the Sebastopol City Park and Whole Foods are located.  While work is underway, Caltrans will implement one-way traffic control.  A flagger will be onsite to help buses negotiate the traffic-controlled lanes.

Work Coming Soon

The rough pavement at the intersection of N. Main Street and Wilton Avenue will be paved over.

Caltrans will install pedestrian traffic signals where S. Main Street becomes N. Main Street at Bodega Avenue. The new signal includes an audible alert to assist the visually impaired pedestrians.

Caltrans will install poles for traffic signals located at N. Main Street and McKinley Street and at the intersection of Petaluma Avenue and Bodega Avenue. 

June 25, 2020

This Week

Caltrans has installed nine of fourteen ADA compliant curb ramps in Sebastopol. Work continues on drainage systems, driveways and traffic signals.

Completed Curb Ramps

  1.  Wilton Avenue

2.  Wilton Avenue

3.   Sebastopol Cookie Co.,  N. Main Street

4.  Whole Foods McKinley & N. Main Street

5.  Silk Moon McKinley & N. Main Street

6.  Book Store Burnett Street

7.  Funk Flash Burnett Street

8.  Grateful Bagel Willow Street

9.  McKinley Street & Petaluma Avenue

Driveways under Construction

Dr Woo’s Office, Petaluma Ave

Petaluma Ave at the park

Hop Monk, Petaluma Ave

Drainage Work in Progress

Laguna Parkway

Dr Woo’s Driveway

Petaluma Avenue. 

All remaining drainage has been competed.

Traffic Signals 

Foundations at McKinley & N Main have been poured, new poles to be placed within the next two weeks at this intersection. 

Foundations at Bodega Ave & Petaluma Ave (CVS Drug Store) poured today and the beginning of next week.

Flag Pole Holes

All flag pole holes in the sidewalks should be completed by today for the Boy Scouts who fly flags on the 4th of July. 

May 4, 2020

On May 4, 2020, Caltrans began a six-month, $1.5 million project to install curb ramps at sidewalk intersections on Main Street and Petaluma Avenue in Sebastopol. The new ramps will comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Main Street and Petaluma Avenue are one-way streets running through downtown Sebastopol. Both roads are part of State Route 116. 

Some intersections have curb ramps that meet current ADA requirements and will not be upgraded.  Intersections that do not have curbs that meet currents standards will be updated.  Upon completion, all ramps within the project limits will meet ADA requirements.

Caltrans will build new ramps on Main Street from Keating Avenue to Willow Street. On Petaluma Avenue, Caltrans will install new ramps from McKinley Street to Joe Rodota Trail.

During the first week, Caltrans will the outline the contours of the curb ramps.  Work crews will also pothole at some locations in the street in preparation for repairing drainage pipes and inlets. Potholing is a means of locating underground utilities by excavation. 

The week of May 11, the contractor will begin saw-cutting the perimeters of the ramps.  Work will last for 1-2 hours at each curb. Ramps will be fully opened afterward. Caltrans will also be repairing and replacing drainage pipes in the street.  

The week of May 25, Caltrans will begin replacing curb ramps, starting at the intersection of Main Street and McKinley Street. For ease of pedestrians access, only one ramp will be closed at a time. Once an intersection is completed, Caltrans will move to the next intersection, always progressing in a southeasterly direction. 

Additionally, Caltrans will upgrade the traffic signals at the intersection of Bodega Avenue and Petaluma Avenue as well as the intersection of North Main Street and McKinley Street. Some driveway improvements will be made along Petaluma Avenue. 

If you have questions about the project, contact Jeff Weiss: