Route 12 Paving between Farmers Lane and Brush Creek Road


                                                      This project was completed in July, 2020.  This webpage will be removed and archived in July 2021. 


12 Paving Farmers Lane and Brush Creek Road Map





On Monday, May 11, 2020, Caltrans began a project to pave a half-mile section of State Route 12 in Santa Rosa between Brush Creek Road and Farmers Lane. The highway has two lanes in each direction and right-hand shoulders. Caltrans installed a median barrier  in 2018. 

The first operation is grinding conforms - a process to smooth over areas where different levels of pavement meet. 

Paving is scheduled to start in mid-June when dry weather and warm night temperatures create optimal conditions for laying asphalt.  With favorable conditions, paving should be complete by the end of July.

Afterward, work crews will raise drainage inlets to conform with the new higher level of the pavement.

One lane in each direction will always be open all construction, grinding, or paving operations. 

Caltrans will pave with rubberized asphalt, a long-lasting pavement containing scraps of discarded tires. Rubberized asphalt also benefits the environment by making use of worn tires that would otherwise languish in landfills.

On top of the rubberized asphalt, Caltrans will apply a layer of open-graded pavement, which provides enhanced traction in rainy weather. Open grade pavement is porous, allowing water to seep to the nonporous levels of asphalt where it runs off the road.