Big Pave 2 Hwy 101 - Geyserville to Cloverdale


Caltrans has begun paving an 11-mile stretch of Highway 101 in Sonoma County from Canyon Road in Geyserville to the just north of Route 128 in Cloverdale. Paving began on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 on the $88.8 million project, nicknamed Big Pave 2. 

Caltrans will also repair drainage culverts, guardrails, and bridges between Limerick Lane in Healdsburg and Route 128 in Cloverdale.

O.C. Jones & Sons is the contractor on the $62 million construction contract.

Big Pave 2 starts at the endpoint of Big Pave 1, which paved from central Windsor to Canyon Road in Geyserville, ending in late 2018. 

Caltrans will pave in the northbound direction, starting at Canyon Road in Geyserville and working northwards until reaching the turnaround point just past the  Route 128 junction. Work crews will then reverse direction and pave southbound Highway 101 within the same boundaries. One lane of traffic will always be open to through traffic. 

Initially, Caltrans had scheduled paving for nighttime hours. Lighter traffic as a result of the shelter-in-place restrictions, will allow Caltrans to work during the day as well as night. As a result, the paving can be completed in three weeks.

Sonoma Highway 101 is a concrete road.  As such, it has never been paved. The last rehabilitation of the road occurred five years ago when Caltrans ground down the road surface to smooth out bumps and eliminate cracks. However, the present condition of the road indicates an asphalt overlay as the preferred method of rehabilitation. 

In the weeks prior to paving, Caltrans broke-up area of problematic concrete (crack and seat) and sealed less damaged areas.  Now the freeway will be overlaid with 6-inches of asphalt.