101 NB Central San Rafael Off-Ramp Bridge Replacement

at San Rafael Harbor Bridge

Traffic Alert: First 55-Hour Weekend Closure of Northbound US-101
Starting Friday, March 19, until Monday, March 22

Project Fact Sheet

This project proposes to replace structurally deficient existing 101 NB Central San Rafael Off-Ramp Bridge with a new bridge with minor realignment but with widened shoulders. This project also proposes improvements at the 2nd and Irwin street intersection.

101 San Rafael offramp project map

Project Status

Project is currently in the Construction phase. The Environmental phase was completed on 7/7/17. The Design phase was completed on 8/2/19. The project was awarded to Gordon N. Ball Inc. on 5/5/20.

Project Costs

The programmed construction cost is $14.7 million.

Project Schedule

Start Construction: Spring 2021 Finish Construction: Winter 2021

There are three non-consecutive 55-hr weekend closures for the various stages of construction:


  • Stage 1 Weekend Closure – 10PM, March 19, 2021 to 5AM, March 21, 2021 – Drive 23-24” dia. CISS piles along Abutment 1, Abutment 3 and temporary abutment.
  • Stage 2 Weekend Closure – TBD – Drive 2-24” dia. CISS piles along Abutment 1, 3-24” dia. CISS piles along Abutment 3 and 6-36” dia. CISS piles along Pier 2.
  • Stage 3 Weekend Closure – TBD – Install permanent sheet piles between Abutment 1 and Pier 2, driving 6-36” dia. CISS piles along along Pier 2.

101 San Rafael offramp project location



Project will use Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) method to significantly reduce the time needed to complete the project compared to the conventional methods. Nightly ramp lane closures and some full offramp closures will be implemented in between the three non-consecutive 55-hr weekend full offramp closures as well as various traffic switches to complete the bridge construction.


Traffic Advisory 2-10-2021: Overnight Closures Of Northbound US-101 Central Off-Ramp in San Rafael

2021-02-09 m1 bridge detour

2021-02-09 m2 bridge detour