Highway 84 Emergency Storm Damage Repair

Project Update

Expected Opening Dates
One-way traffic control in late July 2023
Two-way traffic in late October 2023

Our crews have been working tirelessly each day, repairing the slope and constructing a retaining structure on State Route 84 near Woodside. A temporary one-way traffic control will start by July 2023, with the full reopening of SR-84 by Oct. 2023. In March, a landslide damaged a portion of State Route 84 at Portola Road near the town of Woodside. To keep you informed, Caltrans recently participated in a town hall meeting with local and state elected officials. During the meeting, we provided an update on the progress of the work being done on State Route 84. We encourage you to watch the presentation to learn more about the project.  For the latest updates please sign up for our weekly newsletter by submitting your email address at SR84slideupdates@dot.ca.gov.

SR-84: Project Site Overview (April 4, 2023)

Project Summary

Repair of Highway 84 at Post Mile 17.9 due to a landslide that has closed the two-lane highway between Foxhill Road and Portola Road. The slide resulted in approximately 250 feet of roadway failing on 09 March 2023. The road was closed on 11 March 2023.

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Map showing the location of the mudslide on State Route 84 near Woodside in San Mateo county.Work Description

Clearing the site of compromised trees for worker safety and to access the site. Perform geotechnical borings to determine the location of the slip plane and repair method. Repair slope and construct retaining structure. Reconstruct the roadway structural section. Repair drainage system(s). Erosion control.

Driver Benefits

Restoration of roadway section for the traveling public. Restoration of drainage systems to carry water off the roadway.

Roadway Closure

The roadway is currently closed to the traveling public in both directions as the roadway is severely damaged and unsafe for travel.

Highway 84 Emergency Storm Damage Repair Project Video

Highway 84 Emergency Storm Damage Repair - Recent Photos

Project Contact

For the latest information on the project, please contact our team at SR84slideupdates@dot.ca.gov.

Alejandro Lopez - Caltrans Public Information Officer