ea 0P760 factsheet 06302020

State Route 29, 37, 80, and 780
04-Sol-37- Various post miles EA 0P760
In Solano County at various locations

EA 0P760 FactSheet 06302020 Project Map

Project Description:

This project proposes to modify signals at five locations and install Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon systems (PHBs) at three intersections, 10 Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon systems (RRFBs), and 2 Advanced Warning Beacon systems (AWBs) before STOP signs at off-ramp termini.
High-visibility crosswalk markings, advanced yield lines with associated signs are also installed.

Purpose and Need:

The purpose of this project is to enhance traffic safety at uncontrolled intersections and ramp termini by installing RRFBs, PHBs, and AWBs. 


Programmed in 2020 SHOPP and the environmental phase will start in late summer 2020.