ea 04-1q480 factsheet 06302020

State Route 37 Operational Improvements
04-SON-37-PM 3.78/4.0    EA 1Q480
SR 37/121 Junction

Location Map

EA 04-1Q480 FactSheet 06302020 Map

The project proposes to improve operations at the junction of State Route (SR) 37 and SR 121 in Sonoma County. SR 37 is a four-lane expressway to the west of the junction and is a two-lane to the east of the junction. Two build alternatives are proposed for study in the next project delivery phase to determine the preferred alternative for project approval and environmental document clearance. The two build alternatives are a roundabout and a continuous T intersection.

Purpose and Need:
The purpose of this project is to improve vehicular operations at the SR-37/SR-121 intersection. The performance measure of this project is to provide an operational improvement pursuant to the mobility objective of the State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP).  Operational conditions at the intersection have been deteriorating due to increased traffic volume. Travelers may take approximately 45 minutes to travel through the intersection in the east bound direction during the peak hour period. Motorists driving east on SR 37 are often in a queue because of the intersection.

Programmed in 2020 SHOPP and the environmental phase will begin in late summer 2020.