SR37 Environmental Conditions

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Environmental Studies

Planning and Environmental Linkages

SR-37 Studies Chronology


June 2020
SR-37 Public Access Scoping Report

May 2020
Sonoma Creek Baylands Strategy

February 2020
SR-37 Corridor Adaptation Study (Segment A-1 Adaptation Strategies)

May 2019
Passenger Rail Service Novato to Suisun City Feasibility Study California State Rail Plan. (Sonoma Marine Area Rail Transit (SMART)
May 2019
NVTA Travel Behavior and Transit Feasibility Report. Fehr & Peers

April 2019
State Route 37 Alternatives Assessment Report for the Ultimate Project (State Route 37 from SR 121 to the Mare Island Interchange)

June 2018
State Route 37 – Segment A Sea Level Rise Corridor Improvement Study

May 2018
Resilient by Design - The Grand Bayway Project

February 2018
SR 37 Transportation and Sea Level Rise Corridor Improvement Plan

November 2017
State Route 37 Corridor Financial Opportunities Analysis

November 2017
SMART Rail System Expansion and Opportunities

June 2017
Marin Shoreline Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

February 2016
State Route 37 Integrated Traffic, Infrastructure and Sea Level Rise Analysis
Multiple reports:

October 2015
The Baylands and Climate Change – Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals

January 2015
State Route 37 TCR

September 2014
SCTA SR-37 O/D Study

July 2013
State Route 37 Stewardship Study