Office of System and Regional Planning

The Office of Multimodal System Planning (previously System and Regional Planning) in conjunction with internal functional units and external partners, evaluates the current State Transportation System and forecasts future needs.  Our office informs State, regional and local decision makers regarding the long-range vision for the State Transportation System corridors considering local, regional, interregional and State needs.  This includes development of Transportation Concept Reports, District System Management Plan, Corridor Studies, Relinquishment and other Planning documents.   This process leads to various multimodal improvements including operational improvements and identifying future programming needs and priorities.  The Office also includes District GIS support, Air Quality and Climate Change Planning and Freight System Planning.  Regional Planning functions include coordination with Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) on the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Overall Work Program (OWP), Congestion Management Agencies (CMA) and Native American Tribes. California Transportation Plan (CTP) coordination is also within Multimodal System Planning.


Cameron Oakes – Office Chief, Multimodal System Planning (previously System and Regional Planning)

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