Yolo-16 Safety Improvements

Project Facts


The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is proposing a safety improvement project at three separate locations on State Route 16 in Yolo County between the I-505 interchange and Brooks. The project proposes to widen shoulders to 8 feet and provide a 20-foot clear recovery zone (which includes the shoulder) at all three locations. In addition the project would add a left turn pocket at location 1, straighten horizontal curves at locations 1 & 2, add a two-way-left-turn lane for a portion of location 3 (Madison to I-505), add traffic signals or roundabouts within location 3, and potentially relocate the Madison Migrant Center driveway. The locations are as follows (limits are approximate):

  • Location 1 - County Road (Co Rd) 79 (From 0.35 mile west to 0.40 mile east of Co Rd 79).
  • Location 2 - West of Co Rd 82B (From 0.34 mile west to 200 feet west of Co Rd 82B).
  • Location 3 - Esparto to I-505 (From 350 feet west of Co Rd 21A to South Fork Willow Slough).

Project Benefits

The project proposes to improve safety at three locations along State Route 16 in Yolo County.

Funding Breakdown

Local -
State -
Federal -
Estimated Total Project Cost - $20.4 million (Capital Costs only)

Project Schedule

Circulate Draft Environmental Document:
August 2014 (Completed)

Project Approval & Environmental Document:
June 2015 (Completed)

Advertise Project:
Location 2: February 2016 (Completed)
Locations 1 and 3: March 2018

Begin Construction:
Location 2: July 2016 (Completed)
Locations 1 and 3: August 2018

Complete Construction:
Location 2: October 2016 (Completed)
Locations 1 and 3: November 2020



Project Contact

Sutha Suthahar, Project Manager
Phone: (530) 741-4465
Email: nadarajah.suthahar@dot.ca.gov

Gilbert Mohtes-Chan, Public Information Officer
Phone: (530) 741-4571
Email: gilbert.mohtes-chan@dot.ca.gov


Yolo 16 Safety Map (PDF) 


News / Events

A public information meeting was held on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 from 5pm to 7pm at the Esparto Community Hall, 17020 Yolo Avenue, Esparto, CA 95627. (Meeting Mailer (PDF)).

Displays used at the public meeting are listed below:

Stakeholders and interested parties are encouraged to review the displays and give your comments on the project. Comments may be sent to the Caltrans Project Manager, Sutha Suthahar at 703 B Street, Marysville, CA 95901. Comments may also be emailed to Sutha Suthahar.

Video of the Roundabout Demo - April 2, 2015