State Route 49 Safety Barrier

Project Description:

This project is located on California State Route (SR-49) in Placer County. Its main objective is to reduce collisions by constructing a concrete median barrier and two roundabouts at the Lorenson Road intersection and Lone Star Road intersection. A concrete median barrier will be installed between the two roundabouts, stretching for 1.3 miles. Asphalt paving, striping, road surface marking, curb gutters and sidewalks, and signage are also elements that are considered in this project.

Purpose and Need:

The purpose of this project is to improve safety on SR-49 by reducing the potential for cross centerline collisions. 

Placement of a concrete barrier between opposing lanes of traffic should significantly reduce the potential for cross centerline collisions. Placement of roundabouts at these intersections will reduce the number of possible conflict points as well as reduce the severity of collisions at these intersections.

Cost Estimate:

Support Cost: $5,840,000
Capital Cost: $29,830,000
Total Project Cost: $35,670,000


Project Approval & Environmental Document:  September 2021
Design Completed: June 2023
Advertise Project: August 2023
Begin Construction: April 2024
Complete Construction: November 2025


05.28.21 Second Public Meeting Scheduled for State Route 49 Safety Project

05.19.21 Caltrans Seeks Community Feedback on SR-49 Safety Barrier Project

Project Contacts:

Sam Vandell, Project Manager, (530) 741-4593;
Jeremy Linder, Public Information Officer, (530) 701-5209;