State Route 20 Smartsville Roadway Project

Project Facts


  • Realign a portion of the road to include two 1000 foot radius reversing curves and replace a broken back curve with a single 1000 foot radius curve.
  • Widen the roadway to accommodate uniform 12 foot wide lanes and 8 foot wide shoulders.
  • Improve super elevation and super elevation transitions.
  • Increase sight distance.
  • Add turn pockets.
  • Cold plane and overlay at either end of the project.
  • Upgrade existing drainage facilities.
  • Improve profile.

Project Benefits

The roadway no longer meets current 55-mph highway design standards and the existing alignment and shoulder widths no longer meet current highway design standards. By bringing the roadway into compliance, we aim to reduce the number and severity of collisions along the route.

Funding Breakdown

Local - $0
State - $29.7 million
Federal - $0
Estimated Total Project Cost - $29.7 million

Project Schedule

Environmental Clearance – January 2016
Design Completion – December 2017
Begin Construction – Spring 2018
Finish Construction – Fall 2021



Project Contact

Johny Tan, Project Manager
Phone: (530) 741-5120

Gilbert Mohtes-Chan, Public Information Officer
Phone: (530) 741-4571


SR 20 Smartsville Map (PDF)   

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