State Route 20 Browns Valley Roadway Project

Project Facts

What We Are Doing 

  • Resurface, restore and rehabilitate a 4.5-mile section of roadway between Marysville Road and the Yuba River (Parks Bar) Bridge

  • Widen shoulders to a standard 8-foot width
  • Construct a new Dry Creek Bridge that meets current design standards and has a multi-use pathway

  • Straighten the curve between Stacy Ann Drive and Sicard Flat Road
  • Flatten the slope of the roadway between Valhalla Way and Digger Pine Lane

The Reason For The Project

  • Roadway no longer meets current 55-mph highway design standards for a rolling terrain
  • Existing alignment and shoulder widths no longer meet current highway design standards
  • Dry Creek Bridge does not provide full permit load capacity, has narrow shoulders, and does not meet current seismic standards
  • Current truck climbing lanes do not meet operational needs
  • Pavement needs rehabilitation to avoid pavement deterioration or the more frequent use of pavement maintenance measures

Project Cost

Total cost is estimated at $56.1 million in state and federal funds, including $5.7 million in Senate Bill 1 funds.

Project Schedule

Begin Construction:  Spring 2020
Finish Construction:  Winter 2022

Project Contacts

Johny tan Project Manager
(530) 741-5120

Gilbert Mohtes-Chan Public Information Officer
(530) 741-4571