SR 174 Safety Improvement In Nevada County

Project Facts


This project proposes to realign several curves, widen shoulders, add a southbound left-turn pocket at Greenhorn Access Road intersection, and improve the Clear Recovery Zone (CRZ) on State Route (SR) 174 from Maple Way to You Bet Road, post mile (PM) 2.7 to PM 4.6 in Nevada County, California.

Purpose and Need

The purpose of this project is to improve safety and operations for all users. There have been a number of collisions along this segment of State Route 174 resulting in a collision rate that is higher than the state-wide average. The proposed improvements are expected to reduce collisions by improving roadway geometrics as well as the roadside recovery area in the event an errant vehicle departs from the roadway.

The current design standard for this type of highway requires 12’ wide lanes, 8’ wide shoulders, and with a 13 to 20 - foot CRZ beyond the lane line on each side of the highway. Existing lanes generally range in width from approximately 11 to 11.3 feet. Existing shoulders range in width from approximately 0.1 to 5.3 feet but are generally less than 1.5 feet wide. Fixed objects, such as trees and utility poles, are located within the Clear Recovery Zone. This section of highway also has curves requiring speeds of 30-35 MPH. The benefits of wider shoulders include:

  • enhanced pedestrian and bicyclist safety
  • additional room for an errant vehicle to recover and correct direction of travel
  • additional room off the traveled-way for emergency response vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances, law-enforcement, tow trucks, etc.
  • additional room off the traveled-way for mail carriers, garbage trucks, newspaper delivery vehicles, etc.
  • additional room off the traveled-way for disabled or broken-down vehicles.

Funding Breakdown

This project is funded in FY 2018/2019 out of the SHOPP 010 Safety Improvement program.


Support Cost:  $10,100,000.00
Right of Way Capital Cost:  $2,503,000.00
Construction Capital Cost:  $16,349,000.00
Total Project Cost:  $26,449,000.00

Project Schedule

Project Approval & Environmental Document:  09/02/2016
Advertise Project:  08/21/2019
Begin Construction:  02/2020                     
Construction Complete:  12/2021

Project Contact

Sam Vandell, Project Manager
Phone: (530) 741-4593

Raquel Borrayo, Public Information Officer
Phone: (530) 701-5209



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News / Events


05.26.22 One-Way Traffic Control Ahead on State Route 174

11.18.21 Caltrans Nearing Completion of State Route 174 Safety Project

09.22.21 Paving Work Ahead for State Route 174 Safety Improvement Project

09.03.21 Construction Resuming on SR-174 Safety Improvement Project

08.11.21 Construction Resuming on SR-174 Safety Improvement Project

07.22.21 Construction Schedule Change for SR-174 Safety Improvement Project 

07.15.21 Paving Work Scheduled Next Week for SR-174 Safety Project  

07.01.21 24/7 One-Way Traffic Control Set for State Route 174 Safety Project 

06.11.21 Construction Work Continuing Saturdays on State Route 174 Project

05.14.2021 Paving Work and Traffic Shift Ahead on State Route 174

04.14.21 Construction Resuming on Highway 174 Safety Improvement Project 

02.12.21 Utility Work Scheduled on State Route 174 in Nevada County

07.28.20 Caltrans Beginning Safety Improvement Project on State Route 174

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