SAC 5 Corridor Enhancement Project

Project Facts

Project Description

The Interstate 5 (I-5) Corridor Enhancement Project in Sacramento County extends from 1.1 mile south of the Elk Grove Boulevard Overcrossing to the American River Bridge. The project will rehabilitate pavement, construct new High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, replace a pedestrian overcrossing, construct sound walls, install new fiber optic lines, new ramp meters and extend various entrance and exit ramps.

For updated information on the project and daily lane closures within the construction zone please refer to the following link:  FixSac5

Purpose and Need

To repair and repave the damaged roadway, relieve congestion with ride sharing options through the use of high occupancy vehicles. The project will improve access for carpools, vanpools and express bus services during peak period travel. Roadway rehabilitation is needed because the pavement has deteriorated and has a poor ride quality. The HOV lanes are needed because the I-5 corridor between Elk Grove Boulevard and the U.S. 50 interchange is experiencing recurring congestion during peak commute periods. Traffic demand during commute periods exceeds the freeway capacity, and the amount and duration of congestion is expected to increase in the future as suburban development in portions of the City of Sacramento and the City of Elk Grove increase.

Funding Breakdown

State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP) = $280 million
SB1-Solutions for Congested Corridors Program (SHOPP/SCCP) = $48.3 million
STA Local Measure A Tax = $33.2 million
SACOG Congestion Management and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) = $8.5 million
Total Project Cost: $370 million

Project Schedule

Contract Awarded - May 31, 2019
Begin Construction - July 2019
Complete Construction - December 2022

Project Contact

Jess Avila, Project Manager
Phone: (530) 741-4533

Dennis Keaton, Public Information Officer
Phone: (916) 825-5252


Project Maps 

News / Events

Weekly Update 10/5/2019


1. Paving at SB Pocket On-Ramp widening (Gore area in Winter) Completed

2. Drainage & Underground Utilities work at Richards Blvd before the Crack & Seat at I-5 NB/SB Completed

3. Crack & Seat at I-5 NB/SB near Richards Blvd 100% Completed

4. Cold Planing at I-5 NB/SB near Richards Blvd 40% Completed

5. Paving, AC type(A), at I-5 NB/SB near Richards Blvd 40% Completed

6. Cold Planing & AC on Richards Blvd (4) Ramps 25% Completed

7. Removal of Temp Stripe (on-going), & remaining K-Rails at Richards Blvd. Completed

8. Placing K-Rail for Gore area NB/SB at Cosumnes River Blvd OC Completed

9. Casilada POC - Clearing & Grubbing work Completed

10. Casilada POC - Placing K-Rail at I-5 NB (east) shoulder Completed

11. CIDH Work at Sound Wall#1 in NB near Meadowview Rd 90% Completed

12. Setting out for CISS Work at Sound Wall#1 in NB near Meadowview Rd Completed


1. Cold Planing at I-5 NB/SB near Richards Blvd On-going

2. Cold Planing at Richards Blvd (3) Ramps; SB On-Ramp. NB Off-Ramp & On-Ramp On-going

3. Thermoplastic Stripe Removal at I-5 NB/SB at Richards (3) Ramps On-going

4. Overlay, AC type(A), at I-5 NB/SB near Richards Blvd On-going

5. Overlay AC at Richards Blvd (3) Ramps On-going

6. CIDH Work at Sound Wall#1 in NB near Meadowview Rd On-going

Images available here for the Weekly Update.

Video / Photos

Project Pictures:


Excavation and Aggregate Base at Southbound Onramp of South Pocket Road

NOR-CAL JV, Excavation & Aggregate Base at Southbound Onramp of South Pocket Rd

Excavation and Rebar Operation of Concrete Barrier at Richards Boulevard

NOR-CAL JV, Excavation & Rebar operation of Concrete barrier - type 60M Mod at Richards Blvd

Teichert Placing Temporary K Rail at Interstate 5 Northbound and 50 Splits

Teichert of NOR-CAL JV, placing temporary K-Rail at I-5 Northbound & 50 Splits

Excavation and Removal of Existing Drain Pipe for Relocation at Freeport Boulevard

Teichert of NOR-CAL JV, Excavation & Removal of existing drain pipe for 60" RCP Relocate at Freeport Blvd

Interstate 5 Northbound Median Paving Operation

Teichert of NOR-CAL Paving's JV, in I-5 northbound median paving operation

Rebar and Concrete At Soundwall 2 Near Southbound Freeport Bridge

NOR-CAL JV, CIDH Rebar & Concrete at Soundwall #2 near Southbound Freeport Bridge