Highway 49 Placer County Rehabilitation Project

Project Facts


This project proposes to rehabilitate the existing pavementon State Route 49 in and near Auburn from 0.1 mile south of the 49/80 interchange to 0.1 mile north of Dry Creek Road. The proposed work includes: improving operational features, upgrading pedestrian facilities, replacing or relocating associated electrical facilities (including a new traffic signal), rehabilitating the existing drainage facilities, widening shoulders at designated places, and providing Class II bike lanes.

Project Benefits

To improve pavement quality, ease congestion, and improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

Funding Breakdown

Local: $0
State: $0
Federal: $39,500,000
Estimated Total Project Cost: $39,500,000

Project Schedule

Design Completed: 06/29/2018
Advertise: 11/13/2018
Begin Construction: 06/17/2019
Expected Completion: 08/06/2021

Project Contacts

Sam Vandell Project Manager
Phone: (530) 741-4593

Raquel Borrayo Public Information Officer
Phone: (530) 634-7640