I-80 Truckee Rehabilitation & Auxiliary Lane

Project Description:

Caltrans proposes to conduct pavement rehabilitation of the existing Portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement on Interstate 80 (I-80) in Nevada County between Donner Pass Road (Exit 184, post mile 13.0) and the I-80/State Route 89/State Route 267 interchange (post mile 16.5).

The scope of the proposed project includes: grinding existing pavement and inlay ruts with polyester concrete, repairing and replacing jointed plain concrete pavement (JPCP), adding new concrete side gutters along the outside shoulders of the West Truckee westbound on-ramp and the eastbound off-ramp, rehabilitating drainage culverts in poor condition, and upgrading existing traffic monitoring station (TMS) elements to current standards along this segment. Work also includes removing and replacing the damaged concrete walkways and replacing non-Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps at the State Route 89/Interstate 80 interchange, the West Truckee eastbound of-ramp and the westbound on-ramp. The scope also includes the addition of westbound Auxiliary lanes from the State Route 89 on-ramp to Donner Pass Road off-ramp and from the 80/267/89 on-ramp to the Route 80/267/89 separation. Acceleration Lanes are also included in the eastbound direction at the Donner Park Overcrossing on-ramp and State Route 89 on-ramp.


Project map for the Interstate 80 Truckee Rehabilitation and Auxiliary Lane project in Nevada County. The project is rehabilitating a segment of I-80 between the Donner Pass Road overcrossing and the I-80/SR-89/SR-267 interchange. A westbound auxiliary lane will also be added along with two eastbound acceleration lanes.


The #2 lane in the eastbound (EB) direction and the #3 lane in the westbound (WB) direction show moderate to severe rutting along the wheel path due to chain wear from heavy truck traffic and snow removal equipment. Existing drainage culverts that are in poor condition and that have reached the end of their service life will be replaced.

There is also the combination of slow-moving trucks and higher speed vehicular traffic on this segment of I-80 which cause merge conflicts and collisions when local/regional traffic attempt to merge onto I-80 from ramps on inclines with short merges.

All non-ADA compliant curb ramps at the on/off-ramps at the Route 89/80 interchange, and the West Truckee Road/Interstate 80 interchange will be replaced. Damaged sidewalk between the two roundabouts at the Route 89/Interstate 80 interchange will also be replaced.

Cost Estimate:

Support: $6.3 million
Capital: $24.3 million
Total Project Cost: $30.6 million*

*Includes $2.4 million in Senate Bill 1 funds.


Project Approval & Environmental Document

February 2021

Design Complete

April 2021

Advertise Project

August 2021

Begin Construction

May 2022

Complete Construction

November 2022

News / Events

Press Releases:

07.20.2023 State Route 89/Interstate 80 Ramp Closure in Truckee

11.3.22 Intermittent Interstate 80 Lane Closures Continue in Truckee

10.10.22 Central Truckee I-80 Ramp Closure Extended for Ongoing Construction

09.22.22 Central Truckee Ramp Closure Extended for Construction Work

08.25.22 Intermittent Ramp Closures Continue for I-80 Truckee Rehabilitation Project

08.19.22 Intermittent Ramp Closures Ahead for I-80 Truckee Rehabilitation Project

08.11.22 Extended Closure of SR-89 Eastbound On-ramp in Truckee Beginning

08.05.22 Interstate 80 Travel Delays Through Truckee Anticipated

07.28.22 Improvements Continue for I-80 Truckee Rehabilitation Project

07.14.22 Lane and Ramp Closures Continue for Roadway Projects in Truckee

07.08.22 Lane and Ramp Closures Ahead for Improvement Projects in Truckee

06.24.22 Intermittent Interstate 80 Ramp Closures Scheduled in Truckee

06.10.22 Lane Reductions Continuing for I-80 Rehabilitation Project in Truckee

05.19.22 Lane Reductions Ahead for I-80 Rehabilitation Project in Truckee

05.13.22 Travel Delays Expected on I-80 in Truckee for Construction Project 

Project Contacts:

Jeremy Linder, Public Information Officer
(530) 701-5209

Berhane Tesfagabr, Project Manager 
(530) 869-7335