Interstate 80 Sacramento/Yolo County Ramp Metering Project

Project Facts


This project will widen ramps, install amps meters, California Highway Patrol (CHP) Enforcement and Maintenance Vehicle Pullout areas on Interstate 80 in Sacramento and Yolo Counties at various locations. Ramp metering will help reduce traffic congestion on the freeway system, minimize vehicle delays and reduce traffic accidents. All ramp locations in this project are listed in the Caltrans District 3 Ramp Meter Development Plan 2013 (December 2013).

Project Benefits

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to help relieve traffic congestion on the freeway and reduce vehicle delays.

Need: Several non-metered locations remain in the Sacramento metropolitan and Yolo County area ramp metering system. These locations, where traffic can enter the freeway unregulated, cause increased congestion and freeway queuing. Drivers divert to these locations because they are not metered. Installation of ramp meters and HOV preferential lanes (where it is possible) reduce congestion, improve merging and weaving conditions, and improve safety. Residential and employment growth along these corridors have led to a steady increase in traffic volumes. Congestion-relieving measures, such as ramp metering, are required.

Funding Breakdown

This project was programmed in the State Highway Operations and Protection Program (SHOPP).

PA & ED: $734,000
PS & E: $2,100,000
RW Support: $220,000
RW Capital: $13,000
Construction Support: $2,200,000
Construction Capital is accelerated to 17/18 delivery: $8,000,000

Cost Estimate

Support Cost: $5,254,000
Capital Cost: $5,579,000
Total Project Cost: $10,833,000

Project Schedule

Project Approval & Environmental Document: 6/16/2016
Design Completed: 2/26/2018
Advertise Project: 5/21/2018
Begin Construction: 10/05/2018
Complete Construction: 12/01/2019



Project Contact

Eric DeLong, Project Manager
Phone: (530) 740-4858

Gilbert Mohtes-Chan, Public Information Officer
Phone: (530) 741-4571


I80 Sacramento-Yolo Ramp Metering Map (PDF) 


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News / Events

Press Releases:

  • Caltrans Installs Ramp Meters on Interstate 80 in Sacramento Region Due to SB 1 Funds

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