I-80 Kingvale/Soda Springs Gutter Rehabilitation

Project Description: 

This Major Damage project proposes to repair shoulder damage and install concrete gutter along Interstate (I) 80 in Placer County PM 62.9/69.7 and Nevada County PM 0.0/R3.0. No new right of way will be required.


Purpose and Need:

The purpose of this project is to repair and add resilience to the existing shoulders and embankments, to minimize future maintenance repair and prevent further damage to the existing roadway caused by erosion due to melting snow and snow plow activities. There is a need to permanently repair the shoulder damage caused by erosion and add resiliency.

This is a permanent restoration project from storm damage to shoulder erosion.  There is no repair of the structural section or drainage.



It is proposed to be programmed in the 2018 SHOPP under the 20.xx.201.131 Major Damage Program.


Cost Estimate:

Support Cost:  $3,280,000.00
Capital Cost:  $7,992,000.00
Total Project Cost:  $11,272,000.00



Project Approval & Environmental Document:  04/2019
Design Completed:  09/2019
Advertise Project:  03/2020
Begin Construction:  06/2020
Complete Construction:  10/2021



Expect Delays Around the Clock for I-80 Lane Closure Near Rainbow


Project Contacts:

Soka Soka, Project Manager, (530) 741-5300 

Raquel Borrayo, Public Information Officer, (530) 634-7640