I-80 Atlantic Westbound On-ramp Widening Project

Project Description:

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), in cooperation with the City of Roseville Public Works Department (City), is proposing the Atlantic Street Westbound On‐ramp Widening Project, which would expand the width of the existing Atlantic Street/Eureka Road/Interstate 80 westbound on‐ramp to include three lanes and would replace the existing Miner’s Ravine Bridge to support the newly widened roadway. The Project will reduce traffic congestion and comply with current design standards.

Purpose and Need:

The purpose of this Project is to reduce traffic queues on the ramp which adversely impact local intersections by improving the ramp's storage capacity. The combination of high demand, a short storage length, and ramp metering on the single‐lane I‐80 westbound Atlantic Street on-ramp results in significant queuing which negatively impacts the operations of local streets and intersections.

The Project would provide additional lanes on the westbound on‐ramp so that the peak hour traffic demands may be adequately served without affecting local street operations along Atlantic Street and Eureka Road.

Cost Estimate:

Support Cost: $3,178

Capital Cost: $8,770

Total Project Cost: $11,948


Project Approval & Environmental Document - September 2019

Design Completed - March 2020

Advertise Project - September 2020

Begin Construction - Spring 2021

Complete Construction - December 2022

Project News:

04.14.21 Ramp Metering on I-80 Westbound Atlantic On-Ramp Suspended

04.02.21 I-80 Westbound Atlantic On-ramp to Close Briefly Early Next Week

03.30.21 I-80 Westbound Atlantic On-ramp to Close Briefly Wednesday Night

03.17.21 I-80 Westbound Atlantic On-ramp Overnight Closure Rescheduled

03.11.21 I-80 Westbound Atlantic On-ramp Scheduled for Overnight Closure

02.25.21 Construction Beginning on I-80 Atlantic On-ramp Widening Project

02.04.21 Overnight Closures of I-80 Atlantic Street On-Ramp Scheduled

01.27.21 Temporary Multi-Use Trail Closure Scheduled in Roseville

Project Contacts:

Mohan Bonala, Project Manager, (530) 741-4035

Raquel Borrayo, Public Information Officer, (530) 634-7640