I-5 Corridor Improvement Project (FixSac5)

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Description and Location

The project proposes to construct managed lanes in both directions on Interstate 5 (I-5) in Sacramento County from I-5/US 50 Interchange to Sacramento River Bridge (Br No 22-0025). Intelligent transportation system (ITS) infrastructure will also be added to actively manage recurrent and non-recurrent congestion.

Caltrans Mission

Our Mission defines what we do and who we are. Our Vision defines our ideals—what we aspire to be. We are entrusted with efficiently managing, preserving, and protecting California’s transportation system, one of the State’s most vital assets.

Project Purpose and Need

The purpose of the proposed project is to reduce congestion, increase person throughput, provide multimodal access, promote ride sharing, improve mobility, and improve traffic operations. Also, provide innovative transportation management technologies, and promote opportunities and support for economic development.

The section of I-5 within the proposed project limits experiences high travel demand especially during peak commute periods. As a result, the project area is subject to recurring congestion and impaired mobility, resulting in bottlenecks, increased vehicle emissions, increased travel costs, and reduced travel time reliability. Additionally, planned development between downtown Sacramento and SMF will only increase the severity of congestion along this route.

Project Benefits

  • According to the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) Project Performance Summary, the I-5 Corridor Improvement Project received supportive scores for potentially reducing regional congested VMT/capita.
  • The project area would experience 109% growth in dwelling units and employment, 69% higher than regional averages.
  • Congestion in the project area has increased substantially due to several bottlenecks and increased travel demand.
    • Vehicle hours of delay at 60 mph has increased 103% from 2012 to 2017, making I-5 the 2nd most congested freeway corridor in the area.
    • Two of the top four bottlenecks for the region were located in the project area, accounting for majority of the daily vehicle hours of delay.
    • While major bottlenecks exist in both the AM and PM commute hours at the I-5/US 50 interchange, other project area bottlenecks severely impact congestion.
    • The SACSIM travel demand modeling analysis has shown that the proposed managed lanes may provide up to a 30% reduction in vehicle hours of delay at 60 mph.
  • There are several freight benefits as I-5 connects one of the largest metropolitan areas within the State to agricultural and manufacturing industries in the Central Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, and the Ports of Stockton, West Sacramento, and beyond.
  • This project
    • Reduces congestion
    • Increases person throughput
    • Provides multimodal access
    • Promotes ridesharing
    • Improves mobility and travel time reliability, and
    • Improves traffic operations using ITS and other innovative transportation management technologies
    • Will reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.
  • This proposed project will have significant multimodal benefits.
    • Project features will help promote transit usage and
    • Increase travel time reliability,
    • Bicycle/pedestrian access and safety, and
    • Potential mode shift away from single occupancy vehicles.

Funding Breakdown

This project is a capacity increasing project. Caltrans intends to pursue funding opportunities through state, federal and local competitive programs. The project has received $4.35 million from the 2018 & 2019 SACOG Competitive Program to commence environmental work on the project. The SACOG 2021 Regional Program awarded the project an amount of $2,941,000 RSTP and $3,700,000 CRRSAA to complete preliminary engineering and environmental studies. In addition, $70,000 in local funding was awarded to RW Capital.


Phase Cost Programmed
Environmental Clearance $11,730,200 $11,730,200
Design $14,500,000 $0
Right of Way Support $900,000 $0
Construction Support $28,000,000 $0
Right of Way Capital $4,230,000 $130,000
Construction Capital $324,000,000 $0
Total $383,360,000 $11,860,200

Delivery Schedule

Phase Date
Environmental Clearance  Winter 2023
Design Spring 2025
Begin Construction Winter 2025
End Construction Winter 2028

Project Map



 i5 corridor improvement project

i5 corridor improvement project



Contact Us

Jess Avila, Project Manager
Phone: (530) 741-4533 
Email: jess.avila@dot.ca.gov

Dennis Keaton, Public Information Officer
Phone: (916) 825-5252 
Email: dennis.keaton@dot.ca.gov

Dianira Soto I-80 Corridor Manager
Phone: (530) 740-4905
Email: dianira.soto@dot.ca.gov

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