American River Bridge and Lagoon Creek Bridge Scour Repair

Project Facts


In Sacramento County, repair bridge scour at the American River Bridge on State Route 160 (Br No 24-001) and Lagoon Creek Bridge on State Route 99 (Br No 24-0045).

Project Benefits

This project will address deficiencies in two bridges that are experiencing scour issues.

Funding Breakdown

Local: $0
State: $0
Federal: $7,800,000
Estimated Total Project Cost: $7,800,000

Project Schedule

Environmental Document Completed: 07/20/2017
Right of Way Acquisition Completed: 06/01/2018
Design Completed: 06/01/2018
Advertise: 09/01/2017
Begin Construction: 02/01/2019
Expected Completion: 10/01/2021



Project Contact

Clark Peri
Project Manager
Phone: (916) 825-8168


Initial Study-Environmental Assessment, July 2017 (PDF)