Caltrans District 3 - Division of Planning, Local Assistance, and Sustainability (DPLAS)

The Division of Planning, Local Assistance, and Sustainability (DPLAS) is an interdisciplinary team of transportation planners, engineers, and support staff work cooperatively together to meet California's transportation needs while being sensitive to the needs of our communities and partners in the planning process.

Advance Planning

Advance Planning develops Project Initiation Documents (PIDs) and provides quality assurance review of PIDs developed by local agencies for projects on the State Highway System (SHS) in the 11 counties covered by District 3.  PIDs are required to be developed and approved by Caltrans before any major or high complexity project can be programmed and constructed on the SHS.  Projects requiring a PID must be identified in a Regional Transportation Planning Agency or Caltrans plan, such as a Regional Transportation Plan or 10-Year SHOPP Plan.

Transportation Analytics, Modeling and Forecasting

The primary function of the Transportation Analytics, Modeling & Forecasting Branch is to provide transportation insights on freight, goods, people movements and new mobility deployment metrics; Travel Demand Modeling and Forecasting support services for Traffic Operations, Environmental and Design staff to provide Existing, and future travel forecast, Traffic Indices and Design Designations (TI/DD's); benefit cost analysis for Federal and State grant applications and post project performance evaluations; and Local Development and intergovernmental review of VMT/traffic impacts from local developments to the State Highway System.

Regional Planning

 The Regional Planning Branches are responsible for grant management, oversight, policy implementation, and local develop intergovernmental review (LD-IGR). To learn more about each branch, click here. For more information and specialist activities, see below.

Local Assistance 

The Office of Local Assistance oversees the authorization, allocation, and reimbursement of federal and state funds made available to the cities, counties, and regional agencies in District 3 for their transportation projects. For project delivery resources and additional information about the Local Assistance team, follow this link


For more information on District 3's sustainability efforts, please contact Kevin Yount at:

System Planning

For more information on System Planning and our Corridor Planning activities, please visit our System Planning page.

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