Environmental Planning Careers

North Region Environmental is Hiring in Marysville, Redding and Eureka

North Region Environmental is Hiring in Marysville, Redding and Eureka

The North Region includes 3 districts with 22 counties from Sacramento north to the Oregon border. We are hiring positions, for north region project delivery, in all 3 district locations: Marysville, Redding and Eureka.

Environmental Coordinator (Environmental Planner/Associate Environmental Planner)

Primary duties include the preparation of the environmental document for both NEPA and CEQA while addressing community impacts. In addition, the environmental coordinator acts as the environmental point of contact for projects and assists in project scope development, compiling and distributing information to specialists, managing personnel resources and maintaining the project schedule.

Biologist (Environmental Planner/Associate Environmental Planner, Natural Science)

Primary duties include analysis of proposed project effects on biological resources and natural communities. The position requires field work to conduct protocol level surveys, resource inventorying and impact analysis. In addition to writing the technical reports for NEPA/CEQA, the biologist prepares reports to address regulatory responsibilities including but not limited to endangered species and other permits.

Archaeologist (Environmental Planner/Associate Environmental Planner, Archaeology)

The project archaeologist must adapt and apply formal archaeological research methods and principles to projects conducting a resource assessment. Archaeologists also assume the responsibility of Native American Coordination for assigned projects.


Suzanne Melim
Cal;trans - North Region Office of Environmental Planning
Office Chief - Marysville
Office: (530) 741-4393
Cell: (916) 947-1097