West Red Bluff Paving Project

Project Summary

SR-36 Tehama County


Planning Phase

The West Red Bluff Paving Project is located in Tehama County in and near the City of Red Bluff. The $6.6 million project will perform much needed pavement maintenance along Highway 36 (also known as Main Street and Antelope Boulevard within City limits) from approximately a half mile east of Baker Road to Sale Lane, approximately a half mile east of Interstate 5. The project will also upgrade existing curb ramps to comply with current Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards, make drainage repairs, and install a raised concrete traffic channelization island along Antelope Boulevard at the Rio Street intersection.

In addition to the project improvements described above, the project team has identified an opportunity for the City of Red Bluff to improve traffic operations along Main Street (between Crittenden Street and Elm Street). These proposed improvements are being discussed with stakeholders; the City of Red Bluff will make a final decision.

The project team has been coordinating with City of Red Bluff public works staff, local emergency responder (Fire and Police) personnel, local businesses, and the Rotary club. The team also made an informational presentation at a City Council meeting for purposes of engaging the local community in the decision making process.

Public Outreach

Public Open House Held on Thursday, March 15, 2018

Caltrans held an open house where the public had the opportunity to learn about this project and have their questions answered. The Open House took place on Thursday, March 15, from 5 P.M. to 7 P.M. at the Red Bluff Community Center in Red Bluff. At least 100 hundred people attended (Local residents, City of Red Bluff officials and staff, and Caltrans project team members.)

Project Contact

For more information, please contact Project Manager Mike Webb (530) 229-0508